The IPG Efficiency Kit offers a significant yield increase for inverters of the Conergy IPG K series.

Hamburg, 7th May 2018: Since 2005 about 3.500 inverters of the IPG K-series have been produced under the brands Conergy, Voltwerk and SunTechnics. These inverters represent significant optimization potential through exchange of certain key components.

Due to the termination of the production of spare parts for inverters of this type, greentech developed own components to secure maintenance and repair measures for long-term contracts. The IPG Efficiency Kit is the fully compatible retrofit kit for the control of central inverters of the IPG K-series. Besides securing the spare parts availability, it offers the following benefits:

  • Fast reaction on changing irradiation through MPP-tracking exact to the second
  • Increased stability of the operating behaviour and minimized fault rates
  • Lower service efforts due to maintenance-free and low-maintenance components
  • Lower power consumption
  • Possibility to perform active power management

The IPG Efficiency Kit has been implemented over 50 times until now. The experience from those projects has been analysed in detail. The central result of the analysis is that, depending on the plant design, this inverter optimization can lead to yield increases up to 4 %. Depending on the project specific remuneration conditions the inverter upgrade amortizes within 1-3 years. The following practical examples provide further illustration for the benefits of the IPG Efficiency Kit:

Increased yield and a more stable operating behaviour of the inverters: At the PV-plant Voltwerk Solarpark 17 near Göttelborn (Germany) with a total output of 4 megawatt, the test of the IPG Efficiency Kit in two central inverters lead to a significant yield increase. Furthermore, the optimization of those inverters resulted in a more stable operation. This convinced the client to engage greentech for a complete retrofitting of 16 central inverters in total.

”Besides the increased yield through the IPG Efficiency Kit another advantage is that the inverters operate significantly more stable. This results in less effort for us concerning operation and maintenance activities for the plant.” (Mario Wulff, Voltwerk Solarpark 17 GmbH & Co. KG)

Extension of availability on European markets: greentech is currently working towards the certification of the IPG Efficiency Kit as an optimization measure on additional European markets. For Italy and Spain the market introduction is planned for 2018.


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