Commercial Asset Management

As an independent PV operations manager greentech offers full service operation support for the optimal commercial asset management of your PV power plant.

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Commercial Asset Management for PV-Plants

greentech manages your PV power plant and takes over all tasks in relation to commercial asset management
Put the asset management of your PV power plant in the hands of our independent experts for sustainable and profitable investments. greentech professionally manages your assets and identifies optimisations and the cost saving potential of your plant today and in future. Along with the commercial management of your asset we provide independent commercial advice such as cost benchmarking and services in the field of O&M.

As a specialised service provider, our commercial experts will place your interests and concerns as a PV operator as their main focus. Therefore, we offer you tailored service package to address your needs. Both, rooftop and ground mounted systems will benefit from the supervision of an experienced asset manager.


greentech offers a modular service catalogue for the commercial asset management of your power plant


The liquidity of your SPV is in the hands of experienced professionals

  • Short, middle and long term control of the liquidity
  • Preparation and reconciliation of the budgeting
  • Management of liquidity reserves
  • Management of debt service reserves
  • Management of payments
  • Payout of dividends and capital returns


All KPIs are checked and monitored

  • Liquidity analysis and individual reports
  • Yield and profit development
  • Quarterly reports
  • Calculation of profitability
  • Actual vs. plan, ongoing control of economic state
  • Customer access to the asset management portal


Logging and processing of all receipts

  • Accounting
  • Creation of commercial reports
  • Profit and cost summaries
  • Annual accounts and PV specific tax consultation in cooperation with professional partners


Management of your PV system

  • Organisation and realisation of shareholders’ meetings
  • Information for shareholders and comprehensive reporting
  • Personal consultation with shareholders
  • Support in share purchase
  • Legal representation and management of SPVs
  • Execution and coordination of energy sales processes


Transparency on content and deadlines

  • Tracking of deadlines and duties
  • Management of warranty, guarantee and insurance cases
  • Tendering and management of energy sales mandates
  • Contractual optimisation on scope of services and appropriate costs
  • Refinancing concepts
  • Monitoring of legal and market development


Optimal protection of your PV plant

  • Inspections and assessment of insurance contracts with respect to scope and commercial conditions
  • Identification of the risk profile and balancing with insurance scope
  • Repair of damaged equipment and dealing with service and insurance providers


greentech offers you modular service packages tailored to your specific needs and plant data
  • Cash management
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Financial accounting
  • Cash management
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Financial accounting
  • Administration
  • Cash management
  • Controlling and reporting
  • Financial accounting
  • Administration; including Management
  • Contract Management
  • Risk Management


Our expert teams enhance the efficiency of your solar plant every day

Full transparency on cost effectiveness and liquidity

Comprehensive administration and coordination of all project participants

Representations of interests in all commercial transactions

Compliance of accounting and annual statements

Maximum return for your PV plant

Solutions for the sustainable growth of your financial return

Benchmarking of an independent O&M provider


Repowering based on a sound commercial profitability analysis

Professional operation of a PV power plant is about technical and commercial expertise. It is obvious, that a reduction of the OPEX will pay off financially. However, in many cases costs, scope and contracts are a black box for the operator/investor.
For maximum transparency on your OPEX and to raise cost saving potential, greentech offers an independent cost benchmarking. As a first step your “as is” costs are evaluated and cross checked with our internal greentech benchmarks, based on our long term experience in the PV industry. As a second step your individual and specific scope for O&M and asset management is analysed for the determination of adequate target prices. This is the basis for contractual adjustments and the last step in the benchmarking process. greentech experts guide you through the process to identify the ideal cost performance ratio for your O&M and asset management services.
In case of an underperformance of your PV power plant, Repowering may become an interesting investment asset owners receive the option to raise their return with a well-directed investment.
To support PV plant owners with a reliable basis for their investment decision, greentech’s engineers have developed a specialised tool. The greentech Repowering Tool offers a solid profitability analysis and shows the potential of optimisation measures at an early stage. Besides the technical support for the planning and implementation of the Repowering Measures, greentech delivers a commercial approach on how to conduct such a project. The repowering tool supports a structured process, from the first analysis over the detailed planning up to the monitoring of the investment-success. greentech offers Repowering Solutions on a commercially sound basis.

Your Advantages

Rely on the advantages offered by an independent PV expert
greentech offers you independent asset management for the secure operation of your PV power plant. It is our task to optimise your PV asset and to safeguard your interests as an operator. Besides the commercial administration of your PV power plants greentech offers you a broad range of advice in connection with your PV investment.

Via comprehensive controlling we offer a professional administration of your investment. With our extensive experience, we identify optimisation potential for all operational contracts. A large number of renegotiated contracts are proof of substantial cost saving potential.