Yield Increase through Re-Engineering and Retrofit

greentech and Solarpark Aufroth Süd GdbR reach significant yield increase for Solar Farm Aufroth through technical and commercial optimization.

Solarpark Aufroth Süd GdbR commissioned greentech with an independent technical and commercial inspection for the 1.5 MW ground mounted photovoltaic-plant. Due to the inspection of the pv-plant, the check of the documentation and all current contracts impactful optimization potential could be identified.

Short-term measures

  • Maintenance of defect fuses of the generator junction boxes
  • Continuous monitoring of tracker system on string level to identify issues early
  • Retrofit with radiation sensors to analyze shading of the tracker system
  • Closing of O&M contract with low basis costs and bonus agreement

Mid-term measures

  • Correction of tracker configuration to prevent shading and optimize utilization of radiation
  • Optimizing tracker control through back tracking
  • Optimizing tracker system depending on season to reduce reference current
  • Modernizing inverters through reengineering (improved MPPT-behaviour through IPG Efficiency Kit)
  • Consulting in refinancing the project

Project Results

The re-engineering of the inverters results in a yield increase, especially under incosistent weather conditions and in the start phase of the plant. Mutual shading of the module tables is minimized through a yield optimized configuration of the tables. This furtherly optimizes the yield for autumn, winter and spring. The results of the optimization measures have been documented in detail and have been presented to the customer. The success of the professional operation of the PV-plant is ensured by regular reporting. This continuously identifies measures to keep the meanwhile excellent yield situation of the plant.

Customer Opinion

» With their technical and commercial inspection greentech identified significant weaknesses of our PV-plant and developed sustainable optimization measures. Now our long-term investment is secured by the O&M of greentech. The high flexibility and reliability of their analysis, prognosis and measures is very satisfying. We are pleased  to work with a partner on eye level.«

Hans-Jürgen Ammer, Managing Director Solarpark Aufroth Süd GdbR