Services for Photovoltaic Plants

Along with the technical and commercial management, greentech offers further service for photovoltaic plants in all stages of a PV-project. During the planning and construction of a PV-plant, important decisions with an impact on the long-term success of the investment are made. As an independent service partner greentech secures a yield optimized plant design with all characteristics for an efficient operation and low maintenance demand. As a consequence, mistakes in the plant design or yield assessment can be identified and corrected at an early stage.

Additionally, greentech’s PV-experts supervise the correct construction and support in the acceptance process to guarantee the conformity to all contractual obligations. After commissioning greentech assures a yield optimized operation and offers expertise for topics such as repowering or warranty issues. For projects at the end of their feed-in tariff life, greentech gives advice on professional asset assessment as well as proven financial concepts for a prolonged project lifetime.

We utilize our PV expertise to improve the safety and performance of your PV-portfolio.

Proven concepts to increase the yield and lifetime of your PV-plant.

We support you in choosing the right Components for new and existing PV-assets.

We increase the service quality as well as the cost structure for your PV-asset.

Consultancy for PV-companies and asset owners towards best-practice O&M.