Commercial Advisory

Advanced Commercial Advisory for your PV-project.

The right cost structure and service contracts for your PV-asset

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The constant development in the PV-market can lead to a point at which the services for your plant do not match the optimal scope or cost configuration anymore. A professional commercial advisory by greentech’s PV specialists offers beneficial insights into the commercial situation of your PV-investment. Based on our experiences in the commercial operation of PV-plants greentech can offer independent advice and optimisation based on latest market insights.

Asset Assessment

Complete control over the commercial situation of your PV-assets.

Commercial Optimisation

Definition & implementation of optimisation measures for PV-projects.

The commercial Asset Assessment

The continuous change within the PV industry can lead to a situation where the service for your PV plant does not match optimal costs and scope. The commercial review of your assets through greentech as an independent expert uncovers gaps in the cost structure and identifies areas to increase operational efficiencies.

Revision of cost structure and operational efficiency for your SPV

  • Identification of gaps in scope of service and cost structure
  • Evaluation of operational activities and process efficiencies
  • Transparent calculation of fair market value of plant

Commercial assessment a PV plant value
Would you like independendent advisory on your PV-project?

Asset Optimisation

To decrease costs and gain higher revenues from your PV-investment, greentech can support you in the optimisation of your assets. With our expertise in commercial operation of PV-assets we can help you transform mismatches in the cost structure and the scope of services to decrease costs and gain higher revenues from your PV-investment – without compromising on service quality.

Projection and implementation of optimisation measures

  • Definition of ideal scope of services based on your needs
  • Definition of target cost structure for the required services of your SPV
  • Measures for increasing efficiency of internal processes
  • Best suitable warranty and insurance configuration
  • Prioritisation of measures in urgent, medium and long-term categories
  • Comprehensive report & practical implecations

Would you like independendent advisory on your PV-project?