Compo­­nent Solu­­tions

Proven and optimised components for your PV asset – Special solutions for Conergy products.

Optimised components for Conergy products and individual communication solutions.

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Preventive or Corrective Maintenance including the procurement of relevant hardware components – greentech offers you a comprehensive service for your Conergy system components such as inverters and string-boxes. By merging with the Conergy Services GmbH in 2016 the greentech team now

offers proprietary know-how in Conergy hardware components. With a tight network of service partners and greentech technicians across Germany we ensure professional maintenance.

IPG Efficiency Kit

The Upgrade for PV-Plant Efficiency – IPG  Efficiency Kit.

SmartConnect Retrofit

The reliable DC Combiner Box for Conergy plants.

Data Communication

Absolute transparency regarding the performance and technical availability.

The IPG Efficiency Kit

The IPG Efficiency Kit is the fully compatible retrofit for central inverters of the Conergy IPG K series. In contrast to former components it operates completely digitally and thereby offers optimized MPP-Tracking exact to the second. The IPG Efficiency Kit has been implemented over 50 times now and unlocks a yield increase up to 4 % over the year.

Core features of the IPF Efficiency Kit

  • Optimised yield through MPP-tracking exact to the second
  • Increased stability of the operating behaviour and minimized fault rates
  • Lower service efforts due to maintenance-free and low-maintenance components
  • Lower power consumption
  • Possibility to perform active power management
  • Fast installation by experienced greentech technicians

Further Details

Since 2005 about 3.500 inverters of the IPG K-series have been produced under the brands Conergy, Voltwerk and SunTechnics. These inverters represent significant optimization potential through exchange of certain key components. The core part is the newly developed control unit for the inverter, which utilises all latest methods and algorithms in order to manage all components of the inverter in the most efficient way. This includes a second by second MPP tracking, which enables the inverter to react immediately towards changing irradiation conditions. With this improvement we saw an additional yield of at least 3%. In the cause of replacing the analogue technology and the implementation of the digital control unit, further components will be replaced, which increase the stability of the and reduce the error rate of the inverter. By the implementation of low-maintenance components, the efforts for maintaining the inverters will be reduced. The lower heat generation has a positive impact on the efficiency and the reduced power consumption adds additional margin to your project.

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SmartConnect Retrofit

The reliable DC Combiner Box for Conergy plants: Defects and downtimes of distribution boards can cumulate to high yield losses over time. The relay circuit of the SmartConnect V1 and V2 was subject to frequent false shutdowns during changing weather conditions. The SmartConnect Retrofit is an adequate and reliable replacement for the SmartConnect V1 and V2.

Major features of the SmartConnect Retrofit

  • No housing replacement required
  • Replacement can be applied without structural alterations
  • Tried and tested melting fuses instead of electronic circuits
  • Quick response times
  • Increased availability and yield
  • Reduced O&M costs
  • Possibility of string monitoring: optional Add-On SCP 08SM

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Data Communication

Data communication is the key for any monitoring and remote analysis activity around your PV-plant. For reliable communication with all relevant components your plant needs a sound configuration of the communication system. greentech gained a profound expertise in designing as well as optimizing communication systems for PV plants – both software and hardware.

Specific Solutions for data communication: Professional Hard- & software

  • Planning and consultancy
  • As-is-analysis & concept development
  • Implementation on site and set up of data connection
  • Maintenance & continuous updates

Specialised dataloggers for optimised plant communication

  • Inhouse developed solutions for data communication
  • Interface for power trading
  • Support of all common bus-protocols
  • Plant monitoring via all common platforms possible

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