Technical Advisory and Due Diligence

Improve the performance and safety of your investment with our technical advisory. Get advice from our PV experts.

Independent consulting and problem solving - from the planning phase up to the sale of a PV plant

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Engineering & Construction Services
Technical Due ­­Diligence
Specific Solutions

Engineering & Construction Services

The design and construction phase sets the foundation for the performance and the technical availability of your PV-plant. Due to our experience in O&M, greentech can advice you to achieve the best possible plant design and avoid mistakes in the early stages of your project with the aim of high performance, low failure rates and reduced maintenance costs.

Planning Phase

Technical Advisory for an optimal design and construction of your photovoltaic plant.

Design Review

  • Analysis of electrical and mechanical plant design
  • Components evaluation, inverter configurations, safety concept
  • Comparison with regulations & best practice engineering

Yield Assessment

  • Review of existing yield assessment
  • Site specific irradiation and yield assessment study

Construction Phase

Quality insurance by greentech’s PV-Experts

Construction Supervision

  • Review scope of works
  • Site supervision to secure construction according to plan and conform to industry standards


  • Technical assessment and testing after construction
  • Review of as-built and commissioning documentation
  • Punch list setup and management
  • Provisional & Final Acceptance support

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Asset Assessment

Assessing the technical condition of your PV-asset enables you to make the right decisions in terms of evaluating the quality of work by the EPC or O&M provider. But also before integrating a new PV-plant into your portfolio, greentech supports you with professional asset assessment in any challenge to come.

Performance Analysis

  • In-depth analysis of historical yield and irradiation data
  • Specific performance tests for Performance Ratio & Technical Availability
  • Evaluation of the O&M quality, reports and obligations

Technical Due Diligence

  • Inspection and testing of all relevant systems and components regarding site specific design, norms and regulations
  • Documentation of security- and yield-related issues
  • Detailed report (punch list) and recommendations

Guarantee & Warranty

  • Review of Technical Availability and Performance Ratio
  • General construction and maintenance quality
  • Specific on-site tests

Dammage Appraisal

  • Evaluation of damage and identification of root cause
  • Damage assessment & delivery of technical solution and costing
  • Management of insurance or warranty process

Individual Solutions for your Photovoltaic Plant

Depending on plant design, age and other factors, different questions besides the day to day O&M work can occur. Detailed measurements and inspections draw a holistic picture of the technical condition of your PV-plant and the root causes of potential issues.

PID Check

  • Analysis of system configuration concerning PID related issues
  • On-site PID testing and performance analysis
  • Design and implementation of counteractions


  • Module analysis by IV-curve-, EL- and flash-testing
  • DC string-testing, AC cable measurements
  • Testing of protective devices

Thermographic Inspection

  • Thermographic inspection of specific parts or the complete plant
  • Identification of defects and issues on module level
  • Development of technical solutions
  • Economic evaluation of corrective maintenance works

Independent Sensor Stations

  • High precision device to measure irradiation
  • Smart integration of irradiation data for further analysis
  • Reliable data through independent power supply and data transfer

Power Trading

  • Review of documentation and basis for decision making
  • Site upgrade for remote control
  • Operational implementation

Warranty Management

  • Consulting in warranty & guarantee choices
  • Advisory for corrective maintenance & repairs
  • Warranty and insurance claims

Production Otimisation

  • Analysis of historical irradiation and performance data
  • Identification of root cause and design of solution
  • Implementation and quality control

Landscape Management

  • Mowing and mulching operations
  • Trimming of inverter and transformer areas
  • Mechanic and manual mowing

Module Cleaning

    • Cleaning and removal of soiling of module area
    • Higher yield through clean modules
    • Visual inspection

Security Concepts

  • Design and implementation of effective plant security concepts
  • Cyber security solutions
  • Ensuring conformity to insurance requirements

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