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High Frequency

Our new high-frequency power quality analysis method provides transparency in terms of network-related fall-outs and wear and tear of components in your plant.

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High Frequency Analysis

High Frequency data analysis reveals hidden and avoidable stresses on plant components

New High Frequency network analysis measures currents, voltages, and resonances up to 150 kHz

When components of a PV system fail, it could be due to harmonic distortions in the electrical network. These can have a major impact on the connected equipment by restricting functions, which greatly accelerates the wearing and aging processes of the components. This results in recurring repair costs due to failures and defects, although the exact causes often remain unclear.

High transparency of network topography

Thanks to a high sampling rate, our analysis determines impedances, even in the high-frequency range of up to 150 kHz. In contrast to common standard measurements, this opens up completely new and much more detailed insights into the nature and quality of the network and the resulting challenges for the plant.

Derive and implement measures for trouble-free, long-term plant operation

The knowledge gained from the measurements we take can be used to derive indications of defective components, which can then be replaced in the next step and designed according to the existing grid conditions. In the case of new plants, for example, recommendations for action can be derived and implemented for the filter design of inverters before major damage occurs. Furthermore, it is possible to find out whether sources of interference outside the PV system have a negative influence on the operation of the system.

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The advantages of our power quality, high-frequency analysis

Power Quality Check: Checking the network quality

Get to the bottom of frequent failures or recurring defects in your plant:
Uncover causes of frequent, recurring failures in specific plant components
Obtain transparency in terms of overloading of certain components
Enable effective protective and preventative measures
Reduce repair costs and yield losses

Electrical Fingerprint

Focus on plant health right from the start, to ensure the basis for a long and efficient service life:
Reduces wear and overloading of new equipment from the offset of your PV project
Ensures longer intervals between maintenance, thereby reducing costs
Provides transparency regarding the condition of your plant post-construction
Enables objective plant evaluation, ideal in case of the potential sale of the plant
Measurements with recognizable target vs. actual deviations during a high frequency analaysis

Example: Measurements with recognizable target/actual deviations

Magnitude of the measured grid impedance at an inverter with intact filter capacitance (red curve) and defective filter capacitance (blue curve).

Target behavior: red
Actual behavior: blue

When does a high frequency analysis makes sense?

You want to determine the cause of grid disturbances
A high frequency analysis provides insight into power quality in unprecedented detail, enabling you to locate the network-related source of downtimes that have not been found thus far.

A high frequency analysis, also known as power quality analysis, is a valuable tool for identifying the root cause of power disruptions in electrical systems. It provides detailed insight into the quality of the power being supplied to a system, enabling you to locate network-related sources of downtime that may have gone undetected previously. Our experienced technicians use state-of-the-art equipment to perform high frequency analyses, providing you with comprehensive reports and recommendations for improving the reliability and efficiency of your electrical system.

To save on repair costs for wear and tear and defects of PV plant components
We can help you uncover the causes of recurring failures and overloading of specific plant components, so you can take effective protective and preventative measures, which will reduce both repair costs and yield losses.

Our team of experts can carry out a thorough analysis of your plant components and identify the root causes of recurring failures and overloading. This will enable you to take appropriate corrective and preventative measures to minimize repair costs and yield losses. Our solutions are tailored to your specific needs and requirements to ensure that you get the most out of your PV system.

To check the current status of the electrical installation of the plant you have commissioned
We take measurements to determine indications of defective components, which can be replaced or designed according to existing grid conditions. In the case of new plants, recommendations can be made and implemented for the filter design of inverters before major damage occurs. It is also possible to find out whether sources of interference outside the PV system have a negative influence on the operation of the system.

Our measurement techniques and analysis can detect potential sources of interference such as radio or mobile phone masts, which can significantly reduce the efficiency of your PV system. By identifying these sources of interference, we can help you to take effective measures to mitigate the negative impact and increase the overall performance of your PV system.

You are planning to sell your plant and want to enrich the offer with an upfront assessment
A high frequency analysis will enable you to offer an objective plant evaluation to any prospective buyers of your solar power plant. Transparency on the condition of your plant will allow you to build trust and ensure both parties are satisfied with the outcome of a potential sale.

A high frequency analysis is an effective tool to determine the technical status of a solar power plant. With its detailed insights into the power quality and performance of the plant, you can present a comprehensive and objective evaluation to potential buyers. This can increase the value of your solar power plant and help you achieve a better purchase price. Our team of experts can conduct a thorough analysis and provide you with a detailed report that you can use to build trust and ensure a successful transaction.

You need to do a power quality check of your system to fulfil normative requirements
We take detailed measurements of currents, voltages, and impedances in the high-frequency range, and prepare a comprehensive report of the results, including an evaluation of normative specifications for the low frequency range.

Additionally, we provide recommendations for any necessary repairs or upgrades, as well as advice on optimizing plant performance. Our high-frequency analysis is conducted by experienced and certified professionals using state-of-the-art measurement equipment and techniques, ensuring accurate and reliable results. This analysis can provide valuable information for both plant owners and potential buyers, helping to ensure the long-term profitability and success of the solar power plant.

You would like to gain insight into the quality of your electrical network and the resulting challenges it poses for your PV plant
Thanks to an extremely high sampling rate, our analysis determines electrical impedances, even in the high-frequency range of up to 150 kHz. This opens up new and much more detailed insights into the nature and quality of the network and the resulting challenges faced by the plant.

The high sampling rate used in our analysis enables us to provide you with detailed information about the behavior of your plant, even in the high-frequency range of up to 150 kHz. This allows us to identify and evaluate any disturbances, harmonic distortion, or resonances that may occur in your system, and provide recommendations for reducing these effects. With this detailed analysis, we can help you optimize the performance of your solar power plant and extend its lifespan.


Talk to our specialists at greentech about your needs in terms of High Frequency Analysis

Why is our high frequency analysis so unique?

An innovation in industry, exclusive at greentech

Our high frequency analysis methods are the first of their kind, and they provide you with a level of detail impossible to find anywhere else in the PV industry. This ensures the performance and success of your plant in the long term.
Solar modules on a field facing power loss due to an undetected failure in the elecrtical grid
greentechs partner Morenergy with whom they developed the high frequency analysis for the photovoltaic sector

Developed for you by a strong and experienced team

Together with the engineers and grid specialists from morEnergy , we want to take the issue of power quality for photovoltaic systems to the next level. This is because we believe that a review of the normatively prescribed frequency range of up to 9 kHz will no longer be sufficient to ensure good power quality for the system and the grid in the future. The reasons for this lie in the expansion of the decentralised power supply through renewable energies and the increase in the high frequency levels of pulsing system components.

Detection of problems that would otherwise not be possible with standard analyses

We can detect hidden and avoidable stresses on plant components with innovative, game changing methods, so you can focus on plant health right from the start and ensure that your solar farm has a long and efficient service life.
greentech IT equipment and tools to realize a high freqeuncy analysis

High frequency analysis for photovoltaic systems, PQ Check and Electrical Fingerprint

Our Services: Measurement, analysis and evaluation

Measurement of currents, voltages and impedances in the high-frequency range.
  • Measurement points usually on the low-voltage side of the transformer station
  • Scope depending on the number of transformer stations and inverter layout
  • Scope depending on the respective system type and the installed components
Data acquisition and transmission by the Online Network Impedance Spectrometer “ONIS 690 V
Analysis of the data and evaluation of the results of measurements
Preparation of a report with the following content:
  • consideration and evaluation of normative specifications for the low frequency range
  • definition and comparison of further limit values in the high-frequency range
  • evaluation of anomalies according to relevance, in the form of a traffic light system, with corresponding recommendations for action


The price is merely a guideline, which does not include travel expenses. It includes the effort for plants between 1 and 3 MW, with 4 measuring points. We are aware that every plant is different, so we will work out an individual measurement concept specifically for you, taking into account the type of plant you have, as well as the installed components and known problem areas.

High Frequency Analysis

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greentech is an integrated PV specialist. The range of services includes project development, system design, construction, operation and management of PV power plants in Europe. In the area of operational management, we offer a full-service operational management concept for PV plants of all sizes with an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, as well as services for planning, quality assurance and yield maximisation. With a comprehensive range of services and a current portfolio of more than 1 GWp in operational management, we are one of the largest independent service providers worldwide. As an integrated PV specialist, greentech also covers the areas of project development and plant construction.

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high-frequency analysis

Steffen Heberlein

Senior Project Manager Sales & Business Development

Steffen Heberlein is responsible for the expansion of the business units Technical Operations Management, Commercial Operations Management and Technical Advisory. His activities for greentech’s customers range from price indications to contract negotiations and project implementation support. As a key account manager, he also looks after more than 250MWp for various customers in greentech’s existing portfolio.
Carsten Weis

Manager Field Service

Carsten Weis is Head of Field Services at greentech and coordinates the deployment of technicians in the event of repairs. As the first point of contact for second-level support and quality management, he also works on the systems himself. In addition, he is a responsible electrician (VEFK) and VdS-certified PV assessor for photovoltaic systems. The master electrician has been working in the PV industry since 2007 and has extensive knowledge in the electrical installation of all PV components.

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