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Are you looking for pro­fes­sio­nal PV services from an inde­pen­dent expert?

Ope­ra­ti­on & Main­ten­an­ce

Your PV system is in good hands with the long-term expe­ri­ence of our engi­neers and tech­ni­ci­ans in PV services. Small rooftop or multi-megawatt ground mounted instal­la­ti­ons – our service covers all system sizes and classes. green­tech offers cus­to­mi­sed solu­ti­ons accord­ing to your needs, from cost effi­ci­ent per­for­mance moni­to­ring to a full service offer for your solar power plants.

Asset Manage­ment

Thanks to our expe­ri­en­ced asset manage­ment team and our long-term rela­ti­ons­hips with tax con­sul­tants, accoun­t­ants, lawyers and insuran­ce brokers, green­tech provides pro­fes­sio­nal full service asset manage­ment. Securing and opti­mi­sing your invest­ment while main­tai­ning the highest service quality is con­stant­ly our focus. Our aim for your invest­ment is maxi­mi­sing the return.

Addi­tio­nal PV-Services

From tech­ni­cal inspec­tions, asses­sing safety and per­for­mance on site or PID inves­ti­ga­ti­on to con­sul­ting services in the PV O&M area, we optimise your PV system, your pro­ces­ses and your orga­ni­sa­ti­on as an inde­pen­dent PV service provider through a modular service concept. The result will be impro­ve­ment of plant pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty and minimsia­ti­on of the operator’s risk.


Why you can count on our PV services?


green­tech is among the largest
inde­pen­dent pro­vi­ders for O&M and asset manage­ment for PV plants. green­tech is not con­nec­ted to any manu­fac­tu­rer, EPC or project deve­lo­per. Thus, we are in a position to exclu­si­ve­ly focus on your inte­rests and needs.


green­tech has always focused on the needs of plant owners and inves­tors and offers a com­pre­hen­si­ve service port­fo­lio. Being spe­cia­lists in PV
services makes green­tech a know­led­ge­ab­le and expe­ri­en­ced partner for the tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al manage­ment of pho­to­vol­taic plants.


green­tech is a leading PV service provider with a global market presence. We bundle and coor­di­na­te tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al com­pe­tence and the coor­di­na­ti­on of all service activi­ties in the Hamburg head office. Our network of local partners provides specific know-how and fast response times.


green­tech is a driver for inno­va­ti­on in the area of inde­pen­dent PV services. Having co-developed several software and IT systems, green­tech provides struc­tu­re and trans­pa­ren­cy for the O&M and Asset Manage­ment market. At the same time, this
increa­ses effi­ci­en­cy and quality, for the benefit of our custo­mers.


24/7-customer helpline

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Do you need an inde­pen­dent PV service provider, who works world­wi­de with an inter­na­tio­nal network?


Thanks to our satis­fied custo­mers.


All sizes of PV plants.


Regional network.


Our moti­va­ti­on is opti­mi­sa­ti­on of your PV power plant: Would you like to optimise your PV plant and reduce ope­ra­ting costs?

As an inde­pen­dent spe­cia­list for PV services it is our passion to optimise the per­for­mance of PV plants. We provide our tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al com­pe­tence to inves­tors and ope­ra­tors in order to develop and realise specific solu­ti­ons. Our experts not only consider com­pon­ents but the entire system for sustainab­le and holistic opti­mi­sa­ti­on.

Your PV invest­ment is only pro­fi­ta­ble if the plant is revenue and cost opti­mi­sed. Our aim is reducing your ope­ra­tio­nal spending to a minimum level. Addi­tio­nal­ly, all tech­ni­cal opti­mi­sa­ti­ons undergo an economic assess­ment. We help you to make the right decisi­ons.


REPOWERING-TOOL | Return on invest­ment

Does your PV plant achieve maximum pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty? green­tech offers eco­no­mi­c­al­ly proven measures and provides resi­li­ent indi­ca­tors for reinvest­ment decisi­ons.

In case of degraded modules or outdated inver­ters, repowering measures are poten­ti­al­ly pro­fi­ta­ble invest­ments. As an inde­pen­dent provider for asset manage­ment and O&M services of PV systems, green­tech is your reliable partner for iden­ti­fy­ing, eva­lua­ting and imple­men­ting impro­ve­ment measures for your solar power system. We have deve­lo­ped a new repowering approach app­li­ca­ble to your indi­vi­du­al needs and requi­re­ments. In addition to a pro­fes­sio­nal tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on we are also now able to provide a reliable analysis of the pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty of repowering solu­ti­ons. The green­tech Repowering Tool will assist and accom­pa­ny the whole process from first analysis to detailed planning and per­for­mance review and we provide you with a trans­pa­rent and reliable basis for your invest­ment decision. green­tech ensures a pro­fes­sio­nal tech­ni­cal imple­men­ta­ti­on with an expe­ri­en­ced engi­nee­ring team and estab­lished quality manage­ment pro­ces­ses.

IPG EFFI­CI­EN­CY KIT | Upgrade for Conergy central inver­ters (K-Series)

Time is energy – thanks to tech­ni­cal deve­lop­ments todays inver­ters are con­si­der­a­b­ly more powerful than the ones used 10 years ago.

By opti­mi­sing relevant com­pon­ents green­tech can update your inverter to the current tech­no­lo­gy status. The IPG effi­ci­en­cy kit K-Series is a fully com­pa­ti­ble retrofit set for the Conergy IPG inver­ters, K-Series. An intel­li­gent power elec­tro­nic “Made in Germany”. In contrast to the previous control unit, the IGP effi­ci­en­cy kit works digi­tal­ly and consists of three compact control cards. Expe­ri­en­ced green­tech tech­ni­ci­ans take care of the retro­fit­ting on site inclu­ding an indi­vi­du­al con­fi­gu­ra­ti­on for the indi­vi­du­al requi­re­ments. Espe­ci­al­ly by an opti­mi­sed MPP tracking, the inverter upgrade ensures, that the inver­ters are ope­ra­ting in the optimal per­for­mance range, resul­ting in higher yields.

COST BENCH­MAR­KING | Lower ope­ra­tio­nal costs

Are your ope­ra­ting costs a black box? We identify cost savings through a com­mer­ci­al assess­ment and struc­tu­red cost bench­mar­king.

For the investor, costs, scope and service levels often seem like a black box. green­tech has deve­lo­ped a cost bench­mar­king approach to achieve a higher level of trans­pa­ren­cy and com­pa­ra­bi­li­ty for all cost items. Within an inde­pen­dent com­mer­ci­al assess­ment, our experts analyse the price per­for­mance ratio and identify areas of impro­ve­ment, cus­to­mi­sed for your indi­vi­du­al risk and service profile. We are also happy to support during the rea­li­sa­ti­on of per­for­mance impro­ve­ments or cost reduc­tion measures by managing tenders and bid eva­lua­ti­on. Our expe­ri­ence shows that almost all PV port­fo­li­os have untapped poten­ti­al which can be easily lever­aged without com­pro­mi­sing on the service quality. green­tech can support you as your expe­ri­en­ced inde­pen­dent advisor.


How satis­fied are our custo­mers with green­tech services and the col­la­bo­ra­ti­on?

Trans­pa­ren­cy about your PV Invest­ment

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