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Acting with Substance

Responsibility and sustainability at greentech.

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Sustainability as an enabler of a life-friendly future

As a group of companies, we bear responsibility. Because we know that our actions have an impact on people, society and the environment. At greentech, we are actively committed to a life-friendly future. However, this involves much more than providing and using renewable energy and advancing the energy transition. The topic of ESG has been at the core of our group’s strategic development since 2022. Starting with the definition and identification of the key issues for the greentech group, we have since derived our own ESG strategy. We are currently implementing this strategy successively in the individual business units with the aim of acting in an economically, socially and ecologically sustainable manner in all areas. In this way, we want to avoid or continuously reduce negative influences and achieve and strengthen positive influences.

We are currently still in the early stages of systematically recording and addressing the issues and are aware that, in addition to the benefits of renewable energy generation, the solar industry can also entail risks, for example in the supply chain or in relation to biodiversity. We want to address these and make a convincing contribution to influencing them positively in the coming years. We see sustainability as an ongoing process that we want to pursue and expand continuously, over the long term, as part of our strategic corporate goals and in line with our social responsibility.

greentech employees discussing sustainability topics
greentech employees discussing sustainability topics

Our contribution to the Sustainable
UN Development Goals

UN sustainability sevelopment goals logo

We identify our sustainability topics along our entire value chain and according to their materiality. On this basis, we develop targeted strategic approaches and measures to make a measurable, positive contribution as a company to the future of people and the environment. We want to make a concrete and traceable contribution to the following five SDGs, on which we have set our sustainability focus:

affordable and clean energy un sdg goal

We enable clean energy generation through ground-mounted PV systems. As an integrated service provider along the photovoltaic value chain, we want to make renewable energy affordable, available and even more sustainably usable for everyone, and to further drive the expansion of solar energy. In this way, we as a company are paying directly towards SDG sub-goal 7.2 of significantly increasing the share of renewable energy in the global energy mix by 2030.

climate action un sdg goal

By replacing fossil energy generation with the provision of “green” energy, we as a company are making an active contribution to climate protection. In this context, we are also concerned with the question of how we can develop and construct PV power plants in the most environmentally friendly way possible, as well as how we can ensure a long-term and economic life cycle in the context of operational management. Internally, we look at our own footprint: Our goal as a company is to become climate neutral and remain so in the long term. We determine our greenhouse gas balance annually and have set ourselves targets to further increase the data quality and depth and to be able to derive a concrete reduction path from this in the future.

Industry innovation and infrastructure UN sdg goal

We continue to expand the green infrastructure through the development, implementation and long-term operation of green energy projects. As experienced pioneers in the photovoltaic industry with a wealth of experience from over 30 years of plant technology, we seek a suitable, future-proof solution for every challenge in project development, plant construction and operational management and aim to be innovators.

Decent work and economic growth UN sdg goal

We want to grow as a company and be economically successful. It is important to us that our internal structures and processes grow with us. Because we are convinced that not least this holistic way of growing is the basis for respectful cooperation and an open corporate culture. Our goal is to retain people in the long term as the most important factor in our company by ensuring a high level of job satisfaction. One goal for the future is to ensure and sustainably advance social and environmental standards in the supply chains used by greentech as well. For this reason we have joined the Solar Stewardship Initiative from Solar Power Europe whose goal is the further development of a responsible, transparent and sustainable solar value chain.

Partnerships for the goals un sdg goal

At greentech, we work together interdisciplinarily, collaboratively and at eye level. We know: We achieve more as a team. That is why we also rely on strong strategic partnerships to achieve our sustainability goals. Together, we are working hard for sustainable quality in photovoltaics, a circular economy and greater transparency within supply chains. For example, we cooperate with universities and colleges, offer networks, resources and many years of industry experience as well as our technical know-how to support and drive innovative approaches and developments. In this way, on the one hand we contribute to the development of new approaches, practical applications and scientific findings, and on the other hand we can make the results available to our group of companies, our partners and the general public.

Ingo Rehmann Managing partner at greentech talking about sustainability
“At greentech, we reconcile economic success and sustainable action. One cannot exist without the other in the long term.”

Ingo Rehmann

Managing Partner at greentech

We support UN global compact logo

We are proud to have signed the UN Global Compact in 2022. In this way, as part of the initiative, we are contributing to the realization of a more inclusive and sustainable economy of the future for the benefit of all and making our commitment visible. We stand behind the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and want to successively integrate ensuring compliance with these principles into our internal and external processes. At the same time, the UN Global Compact offers us a platform to learn together with and from other companies. We make active use of these offerings and incorporate the knowledge and insights gained here into our sustainability work.

Our sustainability activities

Our ESG contact person at greentech

Malin Lemke

ESG Consultant

Malin Lemke has been supporting greentech strategically and in the implementation of all ESG topics since the beginning of 2022 and manages the group's sustainability programme. She uses her knowledge and experience from the field of investor relations to develop and communicate the complex topic of ESG and sustainability in a way that fits the various stakeholder groups. In doing so, she helps greentech to anchor sustainability in the corporate strategy and across corporate boundaries.


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