greentech projects

Project development of PV power plants in Europe

Project development of PV
power plants in Europe

About greentech projects

greentech projects is a project developer for large ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants in Europe. We develop projects from the initial idea, all the way to implementation. In so doing, we carry the project development costs, till the commencement of construction and, we also manage the facilities for the long term, after the construction is complete.

At the moment, our core markets are Germany and the United Kingdom. Our teams cover the complete development chain, from site identification, approval procedures and technical layout, all the way to offtake considerations and project financing. On top of that, we also work closely with external project developers and partners, on co-developments.

greentech was founded in Hamburg in 2008 and has subsequently become a leading independent manager of PV plants in Europe.
Our customers include insurance firms, investment funds, public utility companies, and both regional and international utilities.

In 2019, Hamburg-based entrepreneur Erck Rickmers became the majority shareholder of the company. The remaining shares are held by management. greentech therefore combines technical expertise and comprehensive project development know-how with the financial strength of the Erck Rickmers Group.

Success factors

Expertise in
project development

Our management team has a track record of more than 5 GW in the areas of development, construction and operation of PV power plants


More than 60 employees with a focus on PV and over a decade of experience in operating and engineering for investors


Our management team and shareholders have an extensive track record in project financing, with a total investment volume of more than EUR 7 billion, across different asset classes

Our services

As a site lessor, you benefit from attractive long-term leasing income, for up to 30 years.

For suitable sites, we will enter into a long-term leasing contract and take over the realisation of the entire project, from the technical planning and approval procedures, all the way to the construction and financing of the PV facility.

A solar park is also a profitable investment for municipalities, which supports local businesses at the same time.

Solar parks boost the local economy, make sensible use of unused land, and provide additional income for municipalities, for example, through leasing, sales, local business rates and profit taxation.

At the same time, solar parks are an active and measurable contribution towards the climate goals of Germany and the whole of the EU.

Are you looking to sell project rights, or are you in search of a strong partner for effective and long-term cooperation?

We will take on your project rights at any development phase and are prepared to enter into long-term partnerships for co-developments.

You could benefit from both our project experience and our financial strength, which is an important prerequisite for larger projects.

Project Development - The Process

Project Development -
The Process

  • Contact Landowner
  • Option to Lease Contract
  • Grid Offer and Acceptance
  • Pre-Planning preparation
  • Reports & Surveys
  • Submission of Planning to Local Authority
  • Review of Planning Approval
  • Review of Planning Conditions
  • Discharge of Pre-Construction Conditions
  • Detailed and Executive Planning
  • Procurement
  • Construction & Supervision
  • O&M
  • Asset Management
  • Offtake
  • Contact to Landowne
  • Lease Contract
  • Grid Offer and Acceptance
  • NA-Anfrage
  • Planung Kabeltrasse
  • Pachtverträge für Kabeltrasse bis NVP
  • Projektvorstellung bei der Gemeinde
  • Planungsanstoß durch Behörden & Bedarfsträger
  • Erarbeitung städtebauliches Konzept
  • Städtebaulicher Vertrag
  • Aufstellungsbeschluss
  • Grobabstimmung des Konzepts
  • Öffentlichkeits- und Behördenbeteiligung
  • Erarbeitung B-Plan-Entwurf inkl. Umweltbericht
  • Beteiligung TöB
  • Auslegungsbeschluss
  • Satzungsbeschluss
  • Inkrafttreten B-Plan und Bauantrag
  • Bauanzeige nach Erhalt der Baugenehmigung
  • Bauvorbereitende Maßnahmen (Wege, ggfs. Einebnung, Zaun, Baustelleneinrichtung)
  • Bau der Anlage
  • Netzanschluss
  • O&M
  • Asset Management
  • Repowering & technische Anpassungen
  • Vermarktung


Yaw Ofori

Managing Director

Yaw leads the national team of seasoned PV specialists in seeking out new greenfield development opportunities in the UK. He has been active in the PV industry in the UK since 2006, and has worked for several of the main players within the sector, such as Solar Technologies, British Gas Solar and Conergy. He comes from a background in PV key component sales and EPC, from which he moved into Project Development and deployment. In more recent years, until 2016, he has focused on greenfield developments and the acquisition of project rights, in offering turnkey operational sites to clients. He has gained a vast understanding, comprehensive knowledge and an enormous amount of experience through his track record of deploying over 165MWp of large-scale projects.

Ingo Rehmann

Managing Partner

Ingo is responsible for strategic and business development as well as internationalisation. He has been active in the photovoltaic industry since 2005. He formerly worked at Conergy AG, filling various positions, including M&A and Head of Market Intelligence. In 2008, he founded greentech, and positioned it as one of the leading independent PV O&M and Engineering companies in Europe. He studied Business Administration in Germany, Australia and Spain.

Oliver Herzog

Managing Partner

Oliver is responsible for all project development activities in Germany and the UK. He started in the photovoltaic industry at Conergy AG in 2004, filling various senior management positions, most recently as Managing Director in Singapore and India, heading Conergy’s project development and financing business. In 2015, he joined Enerparc AG as Managing Director, responsible for Enerparc’s international EPC business. Oliver Herzog studied Business Administration in Cologne.

Felix von Buchwaldt

Managing Partner

Felix is responsible for financing and offtake. He has held various senior management positions in the Erck Rickmers Group over the last 20 years, all related to business development, project finance and asset management. Since 2012, he has been CEO of NORDCAPITAL, an asset management company which has structured and financed real asset investments amounting to approximately EUR 7 billion in Real Estate, Renewables, Private Equity and Shipping, for both private and institutional investors. Felix von Buchwaldt studied Business Administration in Hamburg.

Land wanted!

Are you a landowner looking for a way to diversify and increase your revenues on a long term basis?

We are seeking 50 acres+ of agricultural, brownfield land to lease or buy for the development of a solar park.


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Yaw Ofori


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