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Creating the Future.
With Substance.

We are convinced: only with exclusively green energy will our future be life-friendly. That’s what we work for every day.

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Are we risking our future – or can we achieve a green turnaround?

Don’t we all wish for a good future? As normal as the wish sounds – this future is not self-evident if we treat our basis of life carelessly and wastefully. A rethink is necessary: Instead of always new, always cheaper, always shorter-lived, we need an always more consistent, always better and always more sustainable. We need thinking and action based on substance and focused on resources, people and opportunities in a life-friendly way.

This also applies to the way we generate and consume energy. Currently, the majority of our energy system is based on fossil fuels. And this does not guarantee a future! That is why we, as a PV company, are strongly committed to a turnaround in the energy system – moving away from fossil fuels that are hostile to life and towards green, life-friendly energy as a universal standard and a matter of course without alternatives.

greentech engineer looking over PV power plant modules
greentech engineer looking over PV power plant modules

The future is green

Our mission

We are convinced that there will only be a sustainable environment for future generations when energy is derived solely from renewables. We are pursuing this vision and doing everything we can to make it a reality. As an active proponent of this eco-revolution we drive the requisite switch to a fully renewable energy system via the implementation of solutions and projects to make sustainable electricity affordable and accessible.

Our Mission:

“We are paving the way to a world where green energy is a given. For everyone, at any time and everywhere.”
PV power plant under blue sky as a symbol for a sustainable future
Light bulb coins and young tree sprout in green environment

Our motto

With the conviction that a completely new energy system based on green technologies is imperative, we have been advocating for sustainable energy solutions that create the future – not destroy it – since 2008. Every single one of our employees is committed to this future: well-founded, far-sighted, quality-oriented. Our solutions should be consistent, our actions should have a positive effect and be economically successful. In doing so, we build on a value-based foundation that makes a future possible in the first place: thinking and acting together, with respect, commitment and a focus on excellence and sustainability.

Our motto:

“Creating the Future. With Substance.”

Our culture

greentech employs people who take responsibility and turn their knowledge, experience and passion for their profession into quality. We value each other and, in addition to active participation and an open feedback culture, we rely on transparent communication and comprehensible, sustainable actions. We stand up for each other, for our customers and for a bright future, powered by clean solar energy. Our engine is the great cohesion and the strong community with which we achieve goals that would not be achievable on our own, in a spirit of trust and partnership. Our fuel is our very own “greentech energy”, with which we tackle things ambitiously and passionately, take on new tasks and challenges and – at least a little bit – want to save the world, wherever our arm can reach.

Miniature globe of plant earth within two hands

Core values of our corporate culture:


in partnership as a team for the future

Together we are devoted to our mission. To do so, everyone we work with and who is involved in our activities is regarded as valued partner, with equal status. We realise that it is only through cooperation and trust that we are able to implement our vision.


respectful in dealing with people, values and resources

We appreciate and are respectful of people and resources, as well the values entrusted to us, which we actively uphold, nurture and develop. After all, these form the basis of our success.


excellent in services and outcomes

We provide excellence in terms of quality, professionalism and reliability for everything we offer and in every approach. Excellence is a necessary pre-requisite to create value-based outcomes, both personally and in terms of business, and long-lasting success.


committed in our thoughts and actions

We are ambitious, passionate and full of energy. Our strengths in terms of implementation and our entrepreneurial spirit set us apart. We encourage and solicit initiative and flexibility in thoughts and actions.


sustainable in implementation and impact

We use our strength, our expertise and our resources to make our actions sustainable and fit for the future. In doing so, we develop solutions that last, have a positive impact on our environment and are economically successful.

Our Code of Conduct

We have summarised our corporate values and rules of conduct in an internal Code of Conduct, which is binding for all our employees. You can read and download it here.

PV technician reviewing solar modules
Code of Conduct

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