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Utility and corporate PPAs made to measure – we develop green power supply contracts for your individual needs.

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About Origination

We supply the electricity of the future!

greentech is your partner when it comes to purchasing electricity from renewable energy projects. We design power supply contracts for utilities, municipal utilities and industrial customers in the form of utility and corporate PPAs. In doing so, we draw on a wide range of new-build projects from our own project development in different countries and with varying output. This enables us to design and implement tailor-made green power contracts according to your individual needs and to substantiate them with corresponding certificates of origin.

Philosophie und Werte bei greentech
Philosophie und Werte bei greentech
Green power supply with
Proof of sustainability

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) is an electricity supply contract between two parties. In the context of green power supplies, a distinction is made between a “Utility PPA” and a “Corporate PPA”. In addition to the electricity supply, the associated guarantees of origin are also supplied. A guarantee of origin is issued per MWh of electricity produced and proves that this MWh originates from a specific plant and energy source (e.g. solar).

Utility PPA

In a Utility PPA, the power purchaser is a utility that uses the green power to supply its customers (power consumers) with the green power. The electricity consumer has no direct relationship with the system operator or producer of the electricity.

However, based on the guarantees of origin, the energy supplier can prove to the electricity consumer that the electricity supplied to him comes from a specific energy source and plant.

Mission grüne Energie
Mission grüne Energie

Corporate PPA

In a corporate PPA, the electricity consumer purchases the green electricity directly from the plant operator. It can credibly demonstrate that its electricity purchases come from sustainable sources. Depending on the industry, a specific declaration of the products is also common; in steel production, for example, the term “green steel” is used.

Corporate PPAs are relevant for groups that require large amounts of energy for production or ongoing operations and want to reduce their CO₂ footprint.

In the long term, it is expected that the legal hurdles to concluding corporate PPAs will continue to fall and that smaller electricity consumers will also have direct access to green power from plant operators.

Added value of green power supply contracts through greentech

Flexible terms

We conclude PPAs of between 1-3 years up to 10 or more years. This is made possible by our broad pipeline of EEG and pure merchant projects.

Individual electricity power offer

The average output of our projects is around 45 MWp and varies between 10 and up to more than 100 MWp.

Rapid start of delivery

Current and continuously new projects allow for power delivery in as little as 6 to 12 months from PPA signing.

Different types of PPAs possible

We design both utility and corporate PPAs.

Individual, needs-based design

We deliver the solar profile from day-ahead as pay-as-nominated/forecasted to pay-as-produced. We solve requirements for more individual delivery structures in cooperation with our broad partner network.

ESG-compliant green power supply

We provide you with corresponding certificates of origin for your green power as proof of your sustainability activities.

Experienced & reliable partner

Years of experience


Professionals in our team

under management

Our project development pipeline


approx. 3 GWp pipeline


approx. 1.5 GWp pipeline


approx. 150 MWp pipeline

Contact person

Our specialist and your contact for all questions regarding origination, PPAs and green power supply contracts.
Kevin Galle

Head of Origination

Kevin Galle is head of origination at greentech. He and his team are responsible for marketing the electricity and certificates of origin for the new construction and existing projects to utilities and corporates. Kevin Galle studied energy economics as a master's degree at RWTH Aachen and WWU Münster and has more than ten years of origination experience in energy trading as well as asset project development.


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