About green­tech

As a leading PV expert for tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al manage­ment we are working exclu­si­ve­ly for the benefit and in the interest of inves­tors and plant owners.


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Ope­ra­ti­on and Main­ten­an­ce for Photovoltaic-Plants

green­tech is your inde­pen­dent, spe­cia­li­sed and reliable partner for managing your PV plant

green­tech is a service provider based in Germany, spe­cia­li­sing in the manage­ment of pho­to­vol­taic plants. With an inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry team of expe­ri­en­ced pro­fes­sio­nals green­tech offers a full service concept for all sizes of PV plants. This includes com­pli­an­ce with all safety stan­dards, quality assuran­ces and yield maxi­mi­sa­ti­on for the plants. green­tech operates inde­pendent­ly of com­po­nent manu­fac­tu­rers and EPC com­pa­nies and the­re­fo­re exclu­si­ve­ly rep­res­ents the inte­rests of the plant owners.

With a com­pre­hen­si­ve service offering and a current port­fo­lio of more than 600 MWp, green­tech is among the largest inde­pen­dent Asset Manage­ment and O&M service pro­vi­ders world­wi­de. The growing customer base of green­tech includes private plant owners as well as muni­ci­pa­li­ties, local and or inter­na­tio­nal uti­li­ties, insuran­ce com­pa­nies and invest­ment funds. Along with the tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al manage­ment, green­tech offers further service products related to the ope­ra­ti­on of PV plants.

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WHY green­tech?

Why you can count on green­tech as an inde­pen­dent PV expert


green­tech is among the largest inde­pen­dent service pro­vi­ders for O&M and asset manage­ment for PV power plants world­wi­de. green­tech is not con­nec­ted to any manu­fac­tu­rer, EPC or project deve­lo­per. Thus, we are in a position to exclu­si­ve­ly focus on your inte­rests and needs.


green­tech has always focused on the needs of plant owners and inves­tors and offers a com­pre­hen­si­ve service port­fo­lio. Being spe­cia­lists in PV services makes green­tech a know­led­ge­ab­le and expe­ri­en­ced partner for the tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al manage­ment of pho­to­vol­taic plants.


green­tech is a leading PV service provider with a global market presence. We bundle and coor­di­na­te tech­ni­cal and com­mer­ci­al com­pe­tence and the coor­di­na­ti­on of all service activi­ties in the Hamburg head office. Our network of local partners provides specific know-how and fast response times.


green­tech is a driver for inno­va­ti­on in the area of inde­pen­dent PV services. Having co-developed several software and IT systems, green­tech provides struc­tu­re and trans­pa­ren­cy for the O&M and Asset Manage­ment market. At the same time, this increa­ses effi­ci­en­cy and quality, for the benefit of our custo­mers.


As an inde­pen­dent and spe­cia­li­sed service provider we focus exclu­si­ve­ly on the customer’s inte­rests and needs

Rep­re­sen­ta­ti­on of your inte­rests

Rep­re­sen­ting your inte­rests, we are fully inde­pen­dent PV experts focused on the manage­ment of PV plants. This means that we exclu­si­ve­ly rep­re­sent our customer’s inte­rests, whether it be guaranty claims, insuran­ce cases or the choice of hardware or IT solu­ti­ons or with regard to the mar­ke­ting of the produced power.

Maximum pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty

Other than our tech­ni­cal pro­fes­sio­na­lism we have a strong com­mer­ci­al focus and monitor the pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty of your PV assets. With the help of a pro­fes­sio­nal O&M service you will reduce down­ti­mes and secure the highest yields. Addi­tio­nal­ly, we provide com­mer­ci­al­ly proven solu­ti­ons for the opti­mi­sa­ti­on of your plant in order to increase the return of your invest­ment.

Full trans­pa­ren­cy

We have deve­lo­ped specific asset manage­ment software for the ope­ra­ti­on of PV plants and for pro­vi­ding our custo­mers visi­bi­li­ty about all plant data and the activi­ties around the PV invest­ment. The inter­face between our ope­ra­ti­ons managers and the field engi­neers is managed with a pro­prie­ta­ry tablet app­li­ca­ti­on. For our custo­mers this means service quality and effi­ci­en­cy in real time.

Full service from a single source

Our main services are per­for­med by our own experts, for all addi­tio­nal services we rely on a wide network of spe­cia­lists, some of them, like tax advisors, auditors or lawyers have specific PV expe­ri­ence and are based at our head office. In order to reduce response times and utilise local know­ledge we work with expe­ri­en­ced and proven service partners close to our sites. We manage and ensure quality control of all services in the Hamburg based office and onsite.


Our service team and our network of partners are at your disposal – world­wi­de

Our Hamburg based head office is the central hub for managing the ope­ra­ti­ons and know-how