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greentech is a leading expert when it comes to the development, engineering and operation of photovoltaic power plants


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greentech is a leading expert when it comes to the development, engineering and operation of photovoltaic power plants in Europe.

The company was founded by Ingo Rehmann in 2008, with the main focus on photovoltaic services. Initially, the company specialised in the commercial and technical operation of PV power plants. As an experienced and independent service provider, offering modular services, greentech had a rapid growth in these areas, adding more services along the way, such as owner’s engineering and technical advisory services. With the acquisition of Conergy Service GmbH in 2016, the company became the largest PV power plant operations provider in Europe. In October 2019, the Hamburg-based entrepreneur, Erck Rickmers, acquired the majority share of greentech. His aim was to accelerate the company’s growth in the existing business sectors, and to complement its range of services with PV project development – a task which he tackled very successfully, together with the management team.

Today, as part of the E.R. Capital Group, greentech offers new solutions and services in terms of the planning, development and operation of PV power plants, whether for the company’s own portfolio or for third parties. With our team of more than 60 active employees, located in 12 different countries, we manage a portfolio consisting of more than 250 assets, with a combined output of more than 600 MW, for institutional and private investors alike.

This makes greentech one of the largest independent service providers for solar power plants in Europe.

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Project development with greentech projects GmbH

greentech projects GmbH is a project developer for large ground-mounted photovoltaic power plants in the MW range. We develop projects from the initial idea, all the way to implementation. In so doing, we cover both the full development risk and we also finance the project development costs.

Our project development departments are currently focused on Germany and the United Kingdom. We cover the complete process, from land acquisition, to the approval procedure, technical pre-planning and grid connection, all the way to financing and offtake structuring. We develop projects with the goal of keeping and operating them as our own holdings, or selling them on the market.

greentech projects was founded in 2019, as a subsidiary of greentech holding, which is part the E.R. Capital Group, which combines Hamburg-based entrepreneur Erck Rickmers’ activities in the photovoltaic sector. Through its affiliate company, greentech energy services, greentech projects has access to all the technical planning resources that are required for the development of photovoltaic facilities.


Technical and commercial operation through greentech energy services GmbH

With its interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, greentech offers a full-service operating concept for PV systems of all sizes. This includes adherence to all safety standards, quality assurance and return maximisation through PV projects. greentech works independently of component manufacturers and general contractors and, therefore, exclusively represents the interests of the facility owners.

With a specialised service offer and a current portfolio of more than 600 MWp, greentech counts as one of the largest independent operational managers in the world. Our growing customer base includes private plant owners, public utility companies, regional and international utilities, insurance companies and investment funds. Alongside conventional services, such as technical and commercial operation, we also offer additional services across all project phases.