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Technical Due Diligence &
Special Inspections

Our TÜV and VdS-trained experts draw their experience not only from our own wide-ranging operational management portfolio, but also from the thousands of solar plants we have inspected and evaluated.

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Technical Due Diligence

We support you when it comes to evaluating the condition of your system

Confident handling of the relevant standards and a practical view of the topics to be assessed ensure that the results are presented in a comprehensible manner and that the resulting recommendations for action can be implemented. All findings are comprehensively documented and summarized in a final report. Documentation and verification create a transparent and resilient basis for evaluating a PV project and detecting any possible deficiencies.

Solar power modules on a field ready for a solar inspection by greentech

When does a due diligence solar project & special inspection makes sense?

It provides a basis for the assessment of the service quality provided by your general contractor or technical operations manager
A solar due diligence report by greentech will provide a practical view of the technical status of your plant. This knowledge enables an objective evaluation of the quality of service being provided by your business associates.

Additionally, a solar systems due diligence report can help you identify potential risks and weaknesses in your plant’s technical design or construction and can provide recommendations for improvements to optimize performance and maximize returns on your investment. Our team of experienced engineers and technical experts will thoroughly analyze your plant’s design, construction, and operation, and provide you with a detailed report that highlights any issues or areas of concern, as well as opportunities for optimization and improvement.

When purchasing further plants for your PV portfolio
In addition to checking the plant on-site, we also do a thorough review of all technical documentation. Furthermore, we are able to conduct further analyses and simulations, so that you can consider all relevant information when thinking about the purchase of a solar power plant.

At greentech, our solar farm due diligence report goes beyond just on-site inspections. We meticulously review all technical documentation related to the solar power plant, including design plans, engineering reports, performance data, and operational records. Our team of experts will conduct thorough analyses and simulations to provide you with a comprehensive assessment of the plant’s technical status, performance, and potential risks.

By considering all relevant information, including on-site inspections, technical documentation review, and additional analyses, our solar due diligence report provides you with a holistic view of the solar power plant’s condition. This enables you to make informed decisions when considering the purchase of a solar power plant, ensuring that you are aware of any technical issues, risks, or opportunities associated with the investment. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and insights needed to make confident decisions and maximize the value of your solar project.

If you need help in the case of expiring warranties or in case of damage
As part of our due diligence for solar PV projects inspection, our TÜV and VdS-certified PV experts provide an independent view of your photovoltaic plant. In the event of damage or warranties that are due to expire, their expert assessment will support you in making well-founded claims and ensuring your rights.

We take our due diligence services seriously and ensure that our TÜV and VdS-certified PV experts conduct a thorough and independent assessment of your photovoltaic plant. This not only helps you identify any potential issues with the plant but also ensures that you can make well-founded claims and protect your rights in case of any damages or warranty issues. Our experts will provide you with a detailed report outlining their findings and recommendations to help you make informed decisions about your solar PV project.

As the basis for the evaluation of your PV plant, if you plan to sell it
A due diligence solar inspection provides you with all the technical information that is relevant when selling your system. Alongside the examination of the technical documentation, we also offer several visual inspections of the installed components on-site, conduct thermographic examinations, or analyze the performance of the system in question, on the basis of the monitoring data that is available. This enables you to negotiate the best-selling price for your plant.

Our due diligence solar inspection services are designed to provide you with comprehensive technical information that is crucial when selling your solar PV system. In addition to reviewing the technical documentation, our experts conduct thorough visual inspections of the installed components on-site, perform thermographic examinations, and analyze the system’s performance using available monitoring data. This holistic approach ensures that you have a complete understanding of the condition and performance of your solar PV system, allowing you to negotiate the best selling price for your plant.

Our detailed report will provide you with the necessary information to confidently engage in selling discussions and maximize the value of your solar PV project.


Talk to our specialists at greentech about your needs in terms of Technical Due Diligence.

What makes our technical due diligence & special inspection stand out in the crowd?

An independent view with a focus on quality and performance

Get the independent and unbiased view of a technically experienced PV specialist! We offer you a comprehensive overview of the technical quality of your plant and the potential performance levels.
Commercial solar plant in green setting ready to be inspected by greentech engineers based on a due diligence inspection
greentech technicians realizing a solar due diligence inspection in business pv plant

Checks and inspections conducted by experts in the field

Our experienced technicians and engineers are TÜV and VdS-certified experts. They have already conducted a large number of inspections and assessments of solar systems, in compliance with the relevant legal requirements, norms and standards. Their many years of experience and technical expertise ensure that, wherever problems arise, suitable, practical solutions are found.

Concrete optimisation proposals that can be implemented quickly

You will receive our audit and inspection results, set out clearly and presented comprehensibly. In this way, we can discuss any necessary measures and further recommendations for action and implement them quickly. This way, we contribute to the efficient performance of your system and its long service life.
greentech engineer with ist equipment and tools ready to realize a due diligence inspection

Discover our full range of services for technical due diligence & special inspections

Inspection of technical documentation

Visual inspection of the documentation for comprehensiveness according to DIN EN 62446 and best practice recommendations
Documentation and presentation of the results, based on the greentech documentation checklist

On-site inspection

Comparison with the planning documents
Visual inspection of PV generators, cabling and DC sub-distribution
Visual inspection of the inverter
Visual inspection of the transformer and the transfer station
Visual inspection of other system components
Thermography of the main components (random sample)
Verification of the commissioning documents
Comprehensive report and presentation of results

Deeper analysis options

Performance analysis of historical monitoring data
  • e.g. in the context of trial operation or as in-depth analysis at regular intervals
  • Evaluation of availability and PR guarantees
  • Use of innovative and detailed analysis tools
String measurements according to DIN VDE 0126-23
Thermography of modules by drone
Thermographic examination of other electrical components
Electroluminescence measurement of PV modules

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About greentech

With advice and action at your side - in every phase of your project

greentech is an integrated PV specialist. The range of services includes project development, system design, construction, operation and management of PV power plants in Europe. In the area of operational management, we offer a full-service operational management concept for PV plants of all sizes with an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, as well as services for planning, quality assurance and yield maximisation. With a comprehensive range of services and a current portfolio of more than 1 GWp in operational management, we are one of the largest independent service providers worldwide. As an integrated PV specialist, greentech also covers the areas of project development and plant construction.

Your greentech specialists for
Technical Due Diligence

Johannes Liebich

Head of Engineering & Technical Advisory

Johannes Liebich is head of the “Engineering & Technical Advisory” team at greentech. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of projects and for the development of new services in technical plant consulting. Johannes Liebich studied Environmental Engineering with a focus on photovoltaics and has been working in the solar industry since 2011. As an experienced Technical Advisor, his main focus is on plant construction and operation.
Steffen Heberlein

Senior Project Manager Sales & Business Development

Steffen Heberlein is responsible for the expansion of the business units Technical Operations Management, Commercial Operations Management and Technical Advisory. His activities for greentech’s customers range from price indications to contract negotiations and project implementation support. As a key account manager, he also looks after more than 250MWp for various customers in greentech’s existing portfolio.

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