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Solar Power Plant Design

We are committed to helping you plan & design an efficient solar power plant, using all of our expertise and experience.

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Solar Power Plant Design

Good design results in an efficient plant with a long lifespan

The power plant designing is an integral part of a building application for both commercial and company solar power plants. We take local conditions and requirements into account when our solar power plant system design, so we can give you the best chance of approval for your building permit.

Sound system planning ensures maximum yield, high performance and efficient and practical operation. It also anticipates future challenges and takes potential problems into account, for example, those arising from the site. This saves you effort, time and costs in the long run.

Potential site for a business solar power plant facing an energy performance analysis

When is the best time to seek help with your design of power plant?

Do you want to know which PV plant design will be most efficient on your land?
A sufficiently large area with limited feed-in capacity must be designed differently to a limited area with sufficient grid capacity, which is why our engineers aim to create the optimum design and the most sustainable execution plan for each individual site. We take the relevant parameters into account, such as row spacing, tilt, and DC-AC ratio, in order to determine the best possible plant design for your land.

Our team is committed to providing you with a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations. We work closely with you throughout the design and execution process, providing expert guidance and support to ensure that your solar power plant is built to the highest standards of quality and performance. Whether you are a project developer, investor, or operator, we can help you to create a sustainable and profitable solar power plant that delivers long-term value and success.

Do you need to add design of a power plant proposal to your yield assessment?
An accurate and realistic proposal for a commercial solar power plant design is an important part of an energy yield and solar performance analysis, which is why we have developed our own system design, which is optimized for most areas in Europe, in terms of mechanical occupancy and electrical wiring. We develop our designs using PVcase software, which allows us to make a 3D model, taking the exact topography of the surface into account.

Our design approach is based on a thorough analysis of the site and its surrounding environment, including factors such as sun exposure, shading, wind patterns, and more. By using this information, we can create a design that is tailored to the specific needs and requirements of the project, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency.

We also pay close attention to mechanical occupancy and electrical wiring, as these factors can significantly impact the overall performance and reliability of the system. Our team of experts has extensive experience in designing and optimizing commercial solar power plants, and we are committed to delivering a solution that meets your needs and exceeds your expectations.

With our optimized system design and advanced software tools, we can provide you with an accurate and realistic proposal for your commercial solar power plant, giving you the information you need to make informed decisions about your investment. Whether you are a project developer, investor, or operator, we can help you to maximize the energy output and profitability of your solar power plant, while also minimizing its environmental impact and ensuring its long-term sustainability.

Do you need to submit a plant design project in order to get a building permit?
The plant design is an integral part of a building application, for both commercial and company solar power plants. We take local conditions and requirements into account when designing our solar power plants, so we can give you the best chance of approval for your building permit.

At our company, we understand the importance of securing building permits for commercial and company solar power plants. That’s why our team of engineers takes local conditions and requirements into account when designing our solar power plants. We aim to provide you with the best chance of approval for your building permit by designing a plant that meets all relevant regulations and guidelines.

Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive solution that takes into account all the relevant factors and considerations for your solar power plant. We believe that a well-designed and compliant solar power plant is the key to long-term success and profitability, and we are committed to helping you achieve that success through our expertise and dedication to quality.

Do you need an independent view on your existing plant design project?
As part of our role as owner’s engineer, we regularly prepare well-founded reviews of external plant designs. This provides the operator with an independent view of the design quality, compliance with normative requirements and consideration of operationally relevant aspects of their current solar systems design project.

At our company, we take pride in providing comprehensive and objective assessments of solar power plant designs. As part of our role as owner’s engineer, we regularly prepare well-founded reviews of external plant designs. This service gives the operator an independent view of the design quality, compliance with normative requirements, and consideration of operationally relevant aspects of their current solar systems design project.

Our team of experienced engineers is trained to identify potential design flaws or oversights that may impact the long-term performance of the solar power plant. We review the design documentation thoroughly and provide detailed feedback to the operator, highlighting any areas where improvements can be made.

In addition to design quality, we also assess compliance with normative requirements such as local regulations, safety standards, and environmental impact assessments. Our aim is to provide the operator with a comprehensive overview of the design’s compliance status, as well as any potential areas for improvement.

How do we approach a plant design project?

greentech system design for
optimum layout planning

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module layout

Example of an optimised module table setup developed by greentech

In addition to the site conditions, the selected solar power plant design also plays an overriding role. The design and positioning of the modules determines how much irradiation hits the PV generator. greentech uses a standard module table design and then adapts this individually to the local conditions.

Example of an optimized module table setup developed by greentech


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The perfect design for your area

We provide you with the ideal individual design for your area. You benefit from our in-house system design, which is optimised for the allocation planning of areas in the European region and is continuously adapted to suit the latest technology. On this basis, we create the best possible design for your PV system, in terms of location and yield, through various iterations and simulations.

We have our own department for engineering projects

We have established an autonomous department for our engineering projects. Here, our engineers and PV experts apply the knowledge and experience they have acquired in the solar power plant industry in specific areas such as plant design. This is where technical and practical expertise converge to deliver plant designs that ensure long-term success on every level.

Use of appropriate 3D software for fast, reliable results

We use the 3D software, PVcase, for our plant design. It automatically determines the allocation, down to the centimeter, swiftly delivering the desired results. On this basis, further changes in the parameters that determine the design, such as row spacing or tilt of the modules, can also be implemented. Different examples of designs are then tested for their expected yield, using a simulation software, which makes it possible to compare them. This enables us to create the perfect design for your specific area.

Best practices through memberships of associations and committees

We are always up to date with the latest innovations in solar system design and new developments in components and technical solutions. For this purpose, we are members of various associations and committees, and we attend further training courses on a regular basis.

Discover our full range of plant design services for your PV project

Scope of services for plant design

Derivation and presentation of general recommendations from the on-site meeting for layout/design
Coordination of special requirements, such as grid connection capacity, maximum construction height, GRZ, customer requirements, etc.
Import of existing topographies in CAD 3D
Creation of 3D layout according to standard greentech design or implementation of customer requirements
Optimization of site specific planning through various iterations and yield analyses
Compilation of results (e.g. for building application), incl. allocation plan and sectional drawings
Preparation of detailed implementation planning

greentech actively drives renewable energies!

greentech guarantees best practices through participation in relevant associations and committees, allowing us to bring you current and near future technology and state of the art ideas, trends, decisions and legislation related to the PV market landscape.

SolarPower Europe

Solar Power Europe is a member-led association. The aim of SolarPower Europe is to ensure that more energy is generated by solar power than any other energy source by 2030, and to lead our members in making solar energy the core of a smart, sustainable, secure and inclusive energy system, in order to reach carbon neutrality before 2050.

Association of Energy Market Innovators

The Association of Energy Market Innovators (bne / Bundesverband Neue Energiewirtschaft e.V.) represents the interests of grid-independent energy suppliers and energy service companies in Germany. Unlike suppliers with a connected grid, our members are free of monopoly interests: They are committed to fair competition and a diverse energy market.


The perfect plant design – profitable and practical
In order to determine whether a certain field or roof area is suitable for a new photovoltaic project, an initial solar system design is usually created. It takes the available site information into account and indicates a standardized layout design, for example by using defined module tables and standard electrical wiring.

Today, 3D layout planning software is usually used to create the plant layout. If the area basically shows potential for a photovoltaic system, the layout is optimized in the next step. For this purpose, various parameters of the initial planning are refined, for example, to better utilize the area or to further increase the possible yield.

A good system design is decisive for the achievement of the best possible yield later. It forms the basis for the subsequent yield assessment, and it is also a fundamental component of the application for a building permit.

PV site planned with an ideal solar system design

Frequently asked questions

Ask everything you need to know about Yield assessment

What factors should be considered when planning a PV farm/plant?
When considering the external factors of topography and shading objects, it is important to define the ideal layout for the site-specific conditions. For example, the choice of the substructure must be in line with the requirements for the local soil and building permit. In the case of external shading objects, these must be considered for the layout to minimize shading of the modules. The interplay between components, electrical connections, row distance, angle, and Azimut must be taken into account in order to reach an optimal design both in terms of yield and operation and maintenance requirements. Our 3D design software allows us to achieve a very high level of detail and can run many iterations to come up with the best site specific design.
What is the timeline for getting a plant design?
The timeline largely depends on the size and complexity of the project. As a rough estimate, 2-3 weeks for reviewing the documentation, coordination with the customer and beginning with the actual design would be realistic. The design itself, including internal review processes, will take about 1 week to complete.
How much does a plant design service cost?
This also depends on the individual project. In general, the provision of a well-founded design, including all relevant parameters, starts from EUR 2,500.
Which planning software do you use?
We use PVcase software, which is a highly automated 3D design tool. Furthermore, we have also created our own greentech plant design, which is optimized for most sites in Europe, in terms of mechanical layout and electrical wiring. We optimize our design fundamentals continuously, in order to be at the forefront of technological developments.
I already have a plant design but need an independent check on this one, can you help me?
Of course! In our role as owner’s engineer, we regularly perform independent reviews of designs for external plants. This includes a critical review of the general layout, a check of normative compliance and best practice engineering.
Can you recommend a material supplier in line with your plant design?
As an independent service provider we are not focused on single suppliers, but we always provide a choice of tier 1 suppliers, based on the project-specific requirements.

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greentech is an integrated PV specialist. The range of services includes project development, system design, construction, operation and management of PV power plants in Europe. In the area of operational management, we offer a full-service operational management concept for PV plants of all sizes with an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, as well as services for planning, quality assurance and yield maximisation. With a comprehensive range of services and a current portfolio of more than 1 GWp in operational management, we are one of the largest independent service providers worldwide. As an integrated PV specialist, greentech also covers the areas of project development and plant construction.

Your greentech specialists for
professional plant planning

Johannes Liebich

Head of Engineering & Technical Advisory

Johannes Liebich is head of the “Engineering & Technical Advisory” team at greentech. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of projects and for the development of new services in technical plant consulting. Johannes Liebich studied Environmental Engineering with a focus on photovoltaics and has been working in the solar industry since 2011. As an experienced Technical Advisor, his main focus is on plant construction and operation.
Steffen Heberlein

Senior Project Manager Sales & Business Development

Steffen Heberlein is responsible for the expansion of the business units Technical Operations Management, Commercial Operations Management and Technical Advisory. His activities for greentech’s customers range from price indications to contract negotiations and project implementation support. As a key account manager, he also looks after more than 250MWp for various customers in greentech’s existing portfolio.

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