Yield Assessment and Solar Energy Yields Analysis

A PV yield analysis is an elementary component of PV plant planning.

The starting point and elementary component of PV plant planning.

The most reliable basis on which to plan your project

As a basis for project financing, a solid energy yield assessment solar is an elementary component in plant planning. It also provides the reference framework for possible guarantees within the scope of technical management. Methodically correct preparation, taking all of the individual influencing factors and manufacturers' information on the individual components into account, is therefore indispensable for a reliable yield forecast that will be accepted by banks, potential buyers, and technical consultants.

greentech will prepare a substantiated yield assessment, taking all relevant factors into account, resulting in a detailed and realistic forecast for your PV farm, so you can be sure of the exact potential of your actual or planned photovoltaic installation.

In estimating the most realistic maximum yields and performances of PV systems, we have the particular benefit of our many years of experience in operational management. We can reliably assess and justify why forecasts may have been too optimistic or too conservative.

When does a Yield Assessment make sense?

A PV yield assessment enables a precise prognosis of the profitability of a future PV project and serves to provide investors or banks with justification in terms of the profitability of your project.

Furthermore, a PV yield assessment takes into account various factors such as location, weather patterns, shading, and the efficiency of the PV panels. By analyzing these factors, a PV yield assessment can provide a realistic estimation of the amount of electricity a PV system can generate over its lifetime.

The yield assessment serves as an argument during purchase or sales negotiations. It provides objective, specialist justification of the proposed purchase or selling price. It is not uncommon for the various parties to commission their own yield assessments, and the results and estimates thereof are subsequently discussed and debated during the course of the negotiations.

This is particularly important for larger PV projects, where the potential profitability can be significant. In such cases, a yield assessment is often a prerequisite for securing financing and obtaining the necessary permits and approvals.

By providing an objective, data-driven assessment of the potential yield and profitability of a PV project, a yield assessment can help to build trust and confidence among stakeholders, including investors, regulators, and the wider community.

A yield assessment offers potential investors transparency regarding the projected income of the photovoltaic plant. This makes it possible for them to calculate directly, whether or not it will pay them to participate in the project in question.

Moreover, a yield assessment can also help investors to identify potential risks and uncertainties associated with a PV project, such as fluctuations in energy prices or changes in regulatory frameworks.

By taking these factors into account, a yield assessment can provide a more comprehensive picture of the potential risks and rewards of a PV investment. This information can be crucial for investors in making informed decisions about allocating their capital and managing their portfolios.

Ultimately, a robust and reliable yield assessment can help to attract more investment into the renewable energy sector, driving further growth and innovation in the years to come.

If there are to be any technical changes to the plant, the yield evaluation provides information as to whether the conversion will result in significant improvement or even deterioration in terms of yield. For example, replacing old inverters with new models could result in significantly increased yields, due to the higher efficiency levels of the new components.

Similarly, changes to the orientation or tilt angle of the PV panels, or the installation of shading devices, could have a major impact on the overall performance of the PV system. By conducting a new yield assessment following such changes, project developers and investors can gain a better understanding of the potential impact on the system’s energy output and profitability.

This information can be used to optimize the design of the PV system, maximizing its performance and ensuring that it remains competitive in a rapidly-evolving market. In this way, a yield assessment can play a critical role in the ongoing management and optimization of a PV project, helping to ensure its long-term success and profitability.

Different focuses in terms of design also result in differences in yield potential for the plant. Do you already have a design? We would be happy to check whether the yield could be optimized even further by making specific changes to the plant design. If you have several proposed designs, we will gladly identify the proposal with the highest yield prospects or advise you on what else you should take into account when making your decision.

Moreover, optimizing the design of a PV system can also have environmental benefits, such as reducing the carbon footprint of the project and minimizing its impact on local ecosystems. By taking into account factors such as the use of sustainable materials, the implementation of energy-efficient technologies, and the preservation of natural habitats, a yield assessment can help to ensure that a PV project is both economically viable and environmentally responsible.

As owner’s engineer, we provide you with substantiated analyses and evaluations of external yield surveys.
This gives you, as the project planner or operator, an independent view of the potential earning power of your PV plant.

Our analysis takes into account a wide range of factors, including local climate conditions, shading analysis, module and inverter efficiency, and other technical considerations. We can also evaluate the financial aspects of the project, such as financing options, tax incentives, and other financial incentives that may impact the overall profitability of the system.

How do we approach your Yield Assessment?


We start by selecting suitable historical irradiation sources for the respective location, which are then carefully analysed and evaluated. With our access to various data sources, we are able to make precise estimations with regard to estimated irradiation levels.

Terrain, module layout and shading

If the site is uneven, it is important to consider the terrain in great detail with regard to the module layout. Row spacing, table size, module orientation, azimuth and tilt must all be accurately recorded, in order to represent the shading patterns, along with possible external objects or trees. The electrical wiring of the modules also plays a major role in providing an accurate yield simulation.

Simulation based on plant design and selected components

We obtain relevant information directly from manufacturers, in order to represent the characteristics of the modules as accurately as possible. These parameters influence the yield and performance ratio in the calculation; therefore, they are reviewed and scrutinised closely.

For example, we look at whether the values and characteristics of the components shown in the files are plausible and compare them with standard market values. If there are discrepancies, we enter into dialogue with the supplier and ask him to provide independent, neutral evidence to support the discrepancies.

The DC-AC design of the specific plant must be clearly mapped, as it has an influence on the utilisation of the inverters. DC and AC cabling are inspected for both load and losses, and the results are stored in the simulation. The same applies to the loss factors of medium-voltage components and the MV cable route.

To greentech, further aspects, such as mismatches or module soiling, reactive power, consideration of the standard deviation and P50 to P90 yield values, are just as important for a well-founded yield report, as is a clear summary with well-presented results.

Practical experience from operational management enables us to make realistic forecasts

Our many years of experience in operation and maintenance (O&M) are of particular benefit when it comes to estimating realistic yields and performances of PV plants. We can reliably assess and justify why forecasts may have been made in an overly optimistic or conservative manner. Furthermore, we continuously develop ourselves, both technologically and scientifically, and contribute our extensive knowledge to every yield assessment.

As part of our role as owner's engineer, we also regularly prepare in-depth analyses and evaluations of external yield reports. This provides the operator with an independent view of the potential production of the PV plant and forms a good basis for negotiating a purchase price for the PV asset.

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Reliable yield forecasts through practical experience and the latest yield simulations

Our analyses and evaluations are based on our technical expertise and our comprehensive experience in the field of operation and maintenance (O&M). After a holistic consideration of all the parameters and sources that are significant for a yield assessment, we will provide you with the information you need. We do not sugarcoat anything – instead, we provide a realistic, objective assessment of the expected yields, that can be used by all parties involved.


Over 100 successful bankable yield assessments

As owner’s engineer, besides preparing our own yield reports, we also regularly analyse and evaluate externally prepared documents. We are happy to present the results to you and explain our assumptions and conclusions, giving you a second opinion and the opportunity to compare them with the initial report. We have prepared or reviewed more than 100 yield reports over the last few years.


White listed by banks, potential buyers and technical consultants

With our extensive experience as photovoltaic specialists, we are well established in the market. We are one of the largest independent operators of solar power plants worldwide, with a steadily growing portfolio. The quality and reliability of our yield assessments are highly regarded by financial institutions, investors, technical consultants and customers alike.


A comprehensive consulting approach & ongoing support

We will gladly continue to support you after the planning and start-up phase: we support you during the construction phase, and thereafter, we ensure the best possible performance from your plant throughout its entire life cycle. This means that you have a long-term partner standing by, who not only knows your plant, but also understands it.

Discover our full range of services for your Yield Assessment

Yield simulation in PVSyst

  • Analysis of technical design
  • Irradiation analysis (e.g. from DWD, PVGIS, Copernicus, Meteonorm)
  • Shading analysis
  • Execution of PVSyst simulations
  • Evaluation of loss factors and KPI
  • PVSyst report

Detailed yield report and presentation of the results

White Paper

Large PV power plant energy yield analysis

A good energy yield analysis shows one thing above all: a realistic result

When planning a PV park or a PV plant, the yield report plays a significant role: it serves to determine the subsequent plant performance and provides the various stakeholders with valuable information about their potential project.

Yield report at a glance

  • Objectively created for the most realistic results possible
  • Surveyed comprehensively and in detail for the best possible accuracy
  • Professionally substantiated analysis and assessment for maximum load capacity
  • Conclusively justified for best possible transparency and comprehensibility for all user parties.



greentech offers detailed yield assessments that take all relevant aspects into consideration and offer objective results. Our solar yield assessments are accepted by all banks and technical consultants, which makes them “bankable”. Furthermore, greentech is “whitelisted” at many financing banks as a professional provider of yield assessments. These whitelists are made available to project developers and investors, as a recommendation of bankable service providers. To secure the financing of a project, it is critical that the yield assessment is accepted by the financing party.

Yes we can. Part of our role as owner’s-engineer is to analyze and evaluate existing yield assessments, which we do regularly. This gives you an independent view of the potential production of the PV plant and a good basis for negotiations. This is also common for larger projects, as the financing bank will require more than one independent photovoltaic yield assessment, in order to increase the reliability of the results of the prognosis.

As soon as we have received the relevant project documentation, such as .pan files, topography, layout and component datasheets, we will need 1-2 weeks to work through the project and finalize the report.

The production simulation alone starts at EUR 950 for one iteration, while the full yield assessment starts at EUR 1,990. Both prices are dependant on the complexity and size of the project.

A simulation is the file (PDF) exported from the simulation software we use, PVsyst, which includes all the results from the actual simulation. A full yield assessment takes these results into account, but goes further by explaining the results in detail, including an analysis of the choice of components, the layout of the project and the DC/AC ratio. All these additional parameters are carefully checked and examined with regard to optimisation potential. The results of this analysis are collected and presented in a comprehensive report.

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