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Thanks to the further development of drones and cameras, a thermographic inspections of existing solar installations has established itself as an effective method of analysis.

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Thermographic Inspection


Infrared images visualise faults that are hardly detectable visually and very difficult to measure from a technical point of view. For PV systems, this inspection technique provides valuable information, regarding the technical condition of the system, and faults that are relevant in terms of performance and safety.
We offer you a flexible full-service package for your photovoltaic plant, which you can put together in modules, depending on your wishes and the technical specifications of your PV plant.
We observe the relevant standards strictly in order to achieve reliable results and generate a basis for subsequent warranty processes or necessary repairs.

Inspection of a business solar farm with the help of a solar pv drone equipment

When does an


inspection makes sense?

If you have noticed a decrease in the power generation of your plant or if you want to check your modules
An infrared thermographic inspection via drone uses infrared images to reveal defects in your photovoltaic modules, that would otherwise be impossible to detect. During the AI-supported thermographic analysis, all anomalies are categorized according to defect patterns and severity, and they can be precisely assigned to the respective position “row/table/module”, according to the allocation plans.

This process provides you with a detailed report that allows you to identify defective modules and their specific location, which simplifies the maintenance and repair process.

Additionally, this inspection helps to increase the efficiency and lifespan of your photovoltaic modules, as it can detect temperature differences and potential hot spots that could lead to permanent damage if not addressed in a timely manner.

If you want to recognize faults at an early stage and enhance the useful life of your modules
A thermographic PV evaluation will provide valuable information about both the technical condition of the system and any performance and safety-relevant faults. This way, you can identify defective cell strings caused by connection errors, for example, and avoid high power losses in the long term.

Additionally, with a thermographic PV evaluation, you can detect potential hotspots and module damage caused by environmental factors, such as hail or lightning strikes, and take corrective measures to prevent further damage. This can help extend the lifespan of your PV system and optimize its performance, resulting in a better return on investment.

If you are planning to acquire a PV plant and want to check the condition of the modules
We use the latest drone technology to make the thermographic condition of the photovoltaic system in question transparent. You receive an overview of all anomalies on a module-by-module basis, together with a tabular representation of all thermal anomalies within a module field.

Our team of experts uses high-resolution thermographic cameras, mounted on drones, to capture aerial images of your photovoltaic modules. These images are then processed using advanced software, which detects thermal anomalies and assigns them to specific modules. This helps to pinpoint any potential issues with your system and allows for a more accurate diagnosis and repair plan. The results of the thermographic inspection are presented to you in an easy-to-understand report, complete with recommendations for corrective action.

If you need information for the sale of your plant
Our comprehensive PV thermographic inspection services will provide all the information you could possibly need, as either a buyer or seller to give you an overview of the technical status of the solar modules. An accompanying analysis and assessment of the anomalies enable the buyer to adjust his offer accordingly. The seller can order targeted, relevant repairs, and have them documented before the sale, in order to achieve a better overall purchase price.

For sellers, our inspection services offer an opportunity to proactively address any issues identified through thermographic analysis. By ordering targeted repairs and documenting them before the sale, sellers can demonstrate the quality and reliability of their solar power plant, potentially leading to a better overall purchase price.

Our team of certified thermographic experts uses state-of-the-art drone technology and advanced software to provide you with accurate and reliable results. We understand the importance of thermographic evaluation in assessing the performance and safety of your photovoltaic system, and our services are designed to help you make informed decisions in the buying or selling process.

If one of the warranties from your contractor or module manufacturer is about to expire
We strictly adhere to the relevant standards to achieve reliable results and generate a basis for subsequent warranty processes or necessary repairs.

Adhering to relevant standards is critical to ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the results of our inspections. Our team of experts follows strict guidelines and industry standards, such as the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) 62446, to ensure that our inspections are carried out to the highest level of quality. This approach allows us to generate reliable and trustworthy results that can be used as a basis for any warranty processes or necessary repairs.


Talk to our specialists at greentech about your needs in terms of Thermographic Inspection.

Anomalies and error patterns that can be detected with thermography

Thermographic image showing cell damage on commercial pv plant module

Cell damage and hotspots

Cracks and fractures in cells can lead to inactive areas within a cell, resulting in reduced module performance. Hotspots lead to strong thermal loads on the module, causing failures or even fire hazards. Power losses of up to 10% are to be expected.
Thermographic image showing defective cell strings on commercial pv plant module

Defective cell strings

This occurs due to individual inactive cells, connection errors or the failure of bypass diodes. Inactive cell strings become visible, due to temperature differences in the cells that are connected in series within a module. This leads to power losses of 30 – 60 % per module.
Thermographic image showing Potential-induced degradation on commercial pv plant module

Potential-induced degradation

PID is an effect that leads to a gradual decrease in performance, which can amount to a loss of 30% or more after a few years. In thermographic images, PID is primarily visible through increased temperatures of the cells in the peripheral area of a module.

What makes our thermographic inspection stand out in the crowd?

Full-service package, especially suitable for large projects

We offer a flexible full-service package for your photovoltaic system, which can be put together in modules, according to your wishes and the technical specifications of your PV system.
Large pv plant recorded during a thermographic inspection with a solar drone
greentech engineer launching his solar drone to start a thermographic inspection

An interdisciplinary team of experts

Our experienced team of experts is made up of specialists from various fields: experienced pilots operate drones with high-resolution cameras. Qualified thermographers analyse the images and identify the thermal anomalies and error patterns. Experienced photovoltaic professionals analyse and evaluate the recorded data and provide appropriate suggestions for solutions. Together, they ensure absolute thermographic excellence with state-of-the-art technology.

A comprehensive analysis with evaluation and suggested solutions

Our photovoltaic experts will provide you with a well-founded analysis and evaluation of the thermographic images. This provides you with a comprehensive picture of the thermographic situation of the system. We will highlight performance and safety-relevant anomalies and also develop appropriate repair concepts, including the required calculations for cost-effectiveness.
Solar drone recording PV modules from a commercial power plant on a field

Discover our full range of services for the thermographic inspection of your plant

Thermographic images

Thermographic recording of the defined module field
Comprehensive report with all abnormalities and sample images
Module-exact representation of all abnormalities in an overview plan
Tabular representation with all thermal anomalies in the module field

Analysis and technical solution concept

Analysis and evaluation of all thermal anomalies
Presentation of economic and safety-relevant effects of the anomalies
Development of a rough concept for repair work, incl. cost estimate
Calculation of the economic efficiency of the repair measures
Documentation and presentation of the results

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greentech is an integrated PV specialist. The range of services includes project development, system design, construction, operation and management of PV power plants in Europe. In the area of operational management, we offer a full-service operational management concept for PV plants of all sizes with an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, as well as services for planning, quality assurance and yield maximisation. With a comprehensive range of services and a current portfolio of more than 1 GWp in operational management, we are one of the largest independent service providers worldwide. As an integrated PV specialist, greentech also covers the areas of project development and plant construction.

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Johannes Liebich

Head of Engineering & Technical Advisory

Johannes Liebich is head of the “Engineering & Technical Advisory” team at greentech. He is responsible for the planning and implementation of projects and for the development of new services in technical plant consulting. Johannes Liebich studied Environmental Engineering with a focus on photovoltaics and has been working in the solar industry since 2011. As an experienced Technical Advisor, his main focus is on plant construction and operation.
Steffen Heberlein

Senior Project Manager Sales & Business Development

Steffen Heberlein is responsible for the expansion of the business units Technical Operations Management, Commercial Operations Management and Technical Advisory. His activities for greentech’s customers range from price indications to contract negotiations and project implementation support. As a key account manager, he also looks after more than 250MWp for various customers in greentech’s existing portfolio.

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