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Grid Connection Design
for PV Power Plants

Our experienced experts support you with the route design, the correct dimensioning of transformer and substation as well as with the grid connection application and the communication with the grid operator.

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Grid Connection Design

Reliable grid connection design with specific know-how and many years of experience

PV grid connected system design is an elementary component of system engineering. With many years of experience and technical expertise, we determine the correct dimensioning of grid connection components, such as the route, high-voltage transformers, or compensation systems, on the basis of your planned photovoltaic system and the specifications of the grid operator. For this purpose, we model the entire system including the route and high-voltage transformers using current software solutions. We perform load flow and short-circuit current calculations and determine the current carrying capacity of the line and transformers, also considering normative requirements for reactive power. Based on the results, we recommend a technically required or commercially optimized cable dimensioning for your route and the power range of the required high-voltage transformers. The information can be used directly when procuring materials. Within the scope of our grid connection services, we also take over the submission of the grid connection application as well as the complete communication with the grid operator.

PV grid connected system design as an elementary component of system engineering

When is greentech the right partner for grid connection planning?

If you are a project developer of photovoltaic power plants and are looking for a knowledgeable expert to prepare or review the electrical design.
Electrical design is not your specialty? But it is ours! Our experienced grid connected solar power plant design engineers and electrical engineering specialists also have extensive knowledge of photovoltaic project development, engineering, and O&M. This gives us a holistic view of the PV system and allows us to develop the optimal grid connection solution for your system individually and reliably – including submitting the corresponding design of grid connected solar pv system application to the grid operator and further processing and communication. In addition to the preparation of our own route design and dimensioning recommendations, we analyse in our activity as an independent assessor already prepared designs and evaluate their result.

Our team of electrical design specialists ensures that your PV system is connected to the grid in a safe and efficient manner. We carefully evaluate the grid connection options available and make recommendations based on the specific conditions of your site. Our goal is to ensure that the grid connection is tailored to meet your specific needs and that all necessary safety protocols are followed. Additionally, we work closely with the grid operator to ensure that all necessary approvals are obtained in a timely manner, and that your grid connected solar pv system design as soon as possible.

If you want to ensure the electrotechnical design of your photovoltaic power plant conforms to standards.
We keep an eye on all technical regulations and the conditions of the grid operator. When designing the grid connection, we ensure that the route and transformer design is carried out in accordance with the applicable Technical Connection Rules (TCR Medium Voltage / TCR High Voltage) and can be connected to the grid in accordance with the specified connection conditions of the respective grid operator.

In addition to complying with technical regulations and grid operator conditions, we also take into account the regional and national legal requirements when designing the grid connection. Our team of experts stays up-to-date on the latest regulations and can provide advice on any legal or regulatory issues that may arise during the project. Our goal is to ensure that your safe solar PV grid connected system design, is efficient, and in compliance with all relevant regulations and requirements.

If you are looking for a team that will handle communication with the network operator for you.
We determine suitable grid connection options with the grid operator, and the corresponding connection conditions and prepare the required grid connection application for your plant. To ensure that the contract can be concluded as quickly as possible, we coordinate closely with the grid operator and take care of all activities and requirements that are relevant to obtaining the grid connection permit.

We also assist in the installation and commissioning of the PV system, ensuring that it complies with all relevant technical regulations and grid connection requirements. Our experienced engineers will supervise the construction and ensure that the work is carried out to a high standard, from the installation of the modules and grid connected solar inverter design. We will also conduct tests and measurements to ensure that the system is performing optimally and meeting the expected yield.

If you are looking for advice on technical issues of grid connection.
At greentech, experienced grid connection specialists and electrical engineers deal with all technical, normative, and economic issues related to grid connection. As an integrated PV company, we also incorporate practical findings and interdisciplinary knowledge from the areas of project development & financing, plant construction, and O&M into our grid connection services.

This allows us to offer a comprehensive approach to grid connection, taking into account not only technical aspects but also economic and practical considerations. Our team of experts has extensive experience in dealing with various grid operators and regulatory authorities, allowing us to navigate the complex requirements and regulations in this field. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can ensure that your PV system is connected to the grid safely, efficiently, and in compliance with all relevant regulations.

If you would like to receive all grid connection services reliably and uncomplicated from a single source.
At greentech, you receive all services of grid connection design reliably from a single source. You have a fixed contact person who coordinates all activities related to your grid connection design. We keep you transparently informed about all activities and results and advise you on necessary technical decisions.

Having a fixed contact person who coordinates all activities related to your grid connection design ensures that you always have a direct point of contact and can easily ask questions or discuss any concerns that arise during the process. Additionally, our transparent communication allows you to stay informed about the progress of your project and make any necessary adjustments as needed. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free and efficient grid connection design process, so you can focus on other important aspects of your PV project.

If you are looking for a consultant who, as an alternative to the minimum technical requirements, can also plan the route for you based on the economic profitability potential.
The technical minimum design of the route not only provides clarity about the required cable cross-section but also about the minimum investment costs to be incurred. If you would like to reduce cable losses in a given plant design by using a larger cable cross-section and realize a correspondingly yield-optimized route design, we will determine for you the cable cross-section that enables the best possible economic profit for your plant on the basis of plant-specific economic efficiency calculations.

Furthermore, we offer you an optional optimization of the route design, taking into account various factors such as cost, yield optimization, and aesthetic requirements. Our experienced engineers analyze various design alternatives and recommend the optimal solution for you. We also ensure that the route design complies with all relevant legal and technical requirements, such as the applicable safety regulations for overhead lines and underground cables.


Talk to our specialists at greentech about your needs in terms of Grid Connection Design

What makes our grid connection design services special

Substantial grid connection know-how and many years of photovoltaic experience

Black box grid connection design? Not with greentech! Our experienced grid specialists and electrical engineers will fill the gap between plant design and grid connection for you with our knowledge of electrical engineering and photovoltaics. We ensure that the grid connection design of your plant is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal and normative framework conditions, that the cables are protected against overload and premature aging, and that the plant can thus later feed the intended electricity yield into the grid.
Example of an efficient grid connection design
Full service grid connection service

Full-service grid connection design from
a single source

We take care of all details of grid connection design, determine the route layout and the dimensioning of the transformers, identify possible grid connection points, submit the grid connection application, and take over further coordination with the grid operator. You have a fixed contact person at greentech who coordinates all activities within the framework of project management and reports to you. Think of us as your outsourced grid connection department that also looks after your commercial interests – we are there to support you with advice, action, and experience!

Commitment to customers and the
energy transition

We do everything we can to meet the expectations of our customers.That’s why we ask them about their goals and wishes beforehand and are happy to advise on difficult issues. Depending on the client’s objectives, the grid connection design can vary greatly. Whether technical minimum design or yield-optimized connection design – together and in close coordination, we find the right solution for the plant and the customer and thus jointly drive the energy transition forward.
PV panels connected through an efficient grid connection planning

Why work with greentech?

Years of experience


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About greentech

With advice and action at your side - in every phase of your project

greentech is an integrated PV specialist. The range of services includes project development, system design, construction, operation and management of PV power plants in Europe. In the area of operational management, we offer a full-service operational management concept for PV plants of all sizes with an interdisciplinary team of experienced experts, as well as services for planning, quality assurance and yield maximisation. With a comprehensive range of services and a current portfolio of more than 1 GWp in operational management, we are one of the largest independent service providers worldwide. As an integrated PV specialist, greentech also covers the areas of project development and plant construction.

Your greentech specialists for
grid connection services

Steffen Heberlein

Senior Project Manager Sales & Business Development

Steffen Heberlein is responsible for the expansion of the business units Technical Operations Management, Commercial Operations Management and Technical Advisory. His activities for greentech’s customers range from price indications to contract negotiations and project implementation support. As a key account manager, he also looks after more than 250MWp for various customers in greentech’s existing portfolio.
Christopher Haß

Team Lead Grid Connection

Christopher Haß is an Industrial Engineer for Energy Technology and leads the Grid Connection team at greentech. The grid connection specialist focuses on technical and economic grid connection solutions for low, medium and high voltage connections. In addition, he is greentech’s consultant for all aspects related to grid connection guidelines and A/C-side electrical design. Before joining greentech in 2021, he worked for grid operators, system certifiers and solar companies.

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