We donate for an independent energy supply by mobile PV solutions!

Join our campaign!

=> Our campaign is closed. However, you still have the opportunity to support the people in Ukraine with mobile, independent power solutions from photovoltaics!

We donate for an independent energy supply by mobile PV solutions!

Join our campaign!

=> Our campaign is closed. However, you still have the opportunity to support the people in Ukraine with mobile, independent power solutions from photovoltaics!

greentech campaign Solar4Ukraine raised almost 25,000 Euros!

Due to military attacks on critical infrastructure around 12 million people in Ukraine have limited or no access to electricity. In many regions there is no electricity in flats or houses. Also limited is the access to water supply and heating. Social institutions like hospitals or schools are confronted with the question of how they can maintain their operations.

Lack of electricity also means being cut off from information: In many places, they have no way to charge mobile phones and contact relatives or the outside world to report on current developments from the crisis areas. Even emergency generators only help to a limited extent, because they require a constant supply of fuel.

For this reason, greentech launched the Solar4Ukraine fundraising campaign at the end of 2022 and collected a total of 26.613,97 Euros. Over 10,000 Euros came from greentech itself. Colleagues as well as customers, business partners and other people and companies associated with us have also donated diligently, so that we were able to exceed our declared donation goal of 25,000 Euros. We would like to say a big thank you to all donors!

The collected contributions will be used to procure portable / mobile devices for the generation of solar power and to bring them to the affected areas. They can be used there independantly and as needed. At the moment we are in the procurement process and will report further on the progress.

This was our campaign: "Solar4Ukraine" at a glance

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Purpose of donation

With our donation we support the Charity Foundation Energy Act for Ukraine. Their goal is to implement an emergency energy supply for hospitals, schools and other social institutions in the affected areas, with a focus on distributed renewable generation. At the end of the campaign, we discuss with those responsible at the foundation which equipment is particularly needed on site. Currently, there is a strong need for equipment in Donetsk, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk, Mykolaiv, and in Sumy region. Various purchases are conceivable, which, depending on the amount collected, could be procured by the Foundation in multiple copies and transported to the affected areas. These include, for example

  • Mobile solar systems with storage (3-8 kW) on a trailer with an off-road wheelbase – e.g. 1 piece approx. 4.300 EUR,
  • Power Bank (20 000 mAh and beyond) with Solar Foldable Panels – e.g. 1 piece approx. 70 EUR
  • Solar-powered USB chargers (35-50W) – e.g. 1 piece approx. 80 EUR
  • Mobile power stations in combination with flexible solar panels (300 – 3000W) – e.g. 1 piece approx. 1.500 EUR

The Foundation has a network of partners and contacts who procure the equipment and bring it to the intended location. Part of the donations is therefore also used for logistics and transport costs.

Partner of the Foundation Energy Act for Ukraine is, among others, the German solar industry association BSW Solar.

Donations are still possible and very welcome!

You are late and would like to donate? No problem! Even if our campaign is over, you are welcome to support the people in Ukraine via the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation. On the website of the organization you can find different campaigns, for example to supply schools or hospitals with renewable energy solutions. We leave on our page the bank details of the Polish branch of the Foundation, through which you can also donate. For a proof of donation, please contact the Foundation directly by e-mail.

Donation from the EU to the donation account

To enable donations within the EU by bank transfer, the Foundation has set up a branch and a donation account in Poland.

Fundacja Act for Ukraine

IBAN / Currency
EUR: PL79160014621747140560000002
PLN: PL09160014621747140560000001
USD: PL52 1600 1462 1747 1405 6000 0003

Bank Accounts: BNP Paribas Polska S.A.

REGON: 521883559
NIP: 5833449531
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Result of our campaign "Solar4Ukraine"

Our fundraising campaign has ended. It ran from Nov. 23 to Dec. 31, 2022.


We had set a total donation target of 25,000 Euros for our campaign. We were able to exceed this goal with a total donation result of 26.613,97 Euros.

At the moment we are in the procurement phase of the necessary equipment. This includes portable solar stations with foldable solar panels, powerbanks and solar-powered lanterns.

Solar4Ukraine - together for Ukraine!

Do you have any questions? Please contact us!

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