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greentech offers feasibility analysis for rooftop PV systems

Apr 22, 2022

Hamburg, April 22nd, 2022 – The PV specialist greentech recently started offering feasibility analyses for the technical and economic realisation of rooftop PV systems. The experts of greentech, headquartered in Hamburg, assess the characteristics of the available roof area and the possibility of electrical integration of the PV system into the building.

In addition to grants for climate change projects and proven plant designs individually developed and optimised for the respective roof, the client also receives estimates of the PV plant’s energy production, anticipated CO2 savings and the expected economic payback period.


Rooftop PV systems increasingly a legal obligation

The offer applies to both new buildings and existing buildings. “Several federal states in Germany have moved to make the implementation of a PV system on the roof a legal requirement when building new properties,” says Johannes Liebich, Head of Engineering and Technical Advisory at greentech. “Many building owners, but also architects, now have to include a PV system in their property development right away – preferably in such a way that it is integrated into the building as an integral part from the start and implemented in such a way that it can generate as much yield as possible.”


Reduce electricity costs and pursue sustainability goals at the same time

It can also be interesting to know how much electricity can be produced with a PV system on the roof of an already existing building: “Increasingly, companies are considering installing PV systems on the roofs of their office buildings, production halls or warehouses to save electricity costs in the long term and to sustainably reduce their CO2 contribution,” says the experienced engineer. In this context, the additional implementation of storage solutions is also becoming increasingly attractive: The produced electricity can be used either immediately or at a later time – thus the power supply of the building can become largely independent from rising electricity prices. Other owners prefer to lease their roof areas to external investors and operators. “We provide all interested parties with reliable figures, so they can make their investment decision and enter into further detailed planning. Along the next steps we support our customers as well during the tender process, construction, and commissioning support and of course during the operations phase,” says Liebich.


The greentech feasibility analysis provides information on, among other things

  • whether a roof area is suitable for a PV system,
  • what size of system is possible and how much electricity could be generated annually,
  • what investment costs should be expected,
  • how high the system’s electricity production costs are,
  • how much of the previous electricity consumption can be compensated by the system, and
  • how much CO2 savings can be generated by the system.


press contact
Anika Wist
Warburgstraße 50
20354 Hamburg
+49 (40) 8060 6694 0


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