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Solar4Ukraine – greentech initiates fundraising campaign for Ukraine

Nov 23, 2022

Hamburg, November 23, 2022 – Due to military attacks on critical infrastructures, there is currently no stable electricity supply in many regions of Ukraine. For this reason, the photovoltaic specialist greentech has launched a fundraising campaign: The group of companies headquartered in Hamburg is working together with the “Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation”. The amount is to be used to make an effective contribution to an independent energy supply from solar power in the devastated areas. Anyone who would like to participate as a company or privately is very welcome and can do so until December 22nd, 2022 via the greentech website


Crisis areas cut off from power supply in many places

“In many war-torn areas of Ukraine, there is no stable electricity supply in flats or houses. Hospitals, social facilities, or schools are also faced with the question of how they can maintain their operations,” knows Jörn Carstensen, Managing Partner of greentech. He is in close contact with the Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation. In many places, communication is also impossible: People are cut off from information and have no way of charging mobile phones and contacting relatives or the outside world to report on current developments from the crisis areas. “Even emergency generators are only of limited use because they require the constant supply of fuel,” says Carstensen. “As a PV specialist, we at greentech have taken this situation as a reason to take action: With our campaign, we want to contribute to the emergency supply of people in the crisis area with electricity from photovoltaics.”


Goal: Procurement of necessary equipment for independent power supply

The Energy Act for Ukraine Foundation knows which equipment is currently particularly needed to generate solar power. The foundation was founded in April 2022 and is committed to securing the power supply in the destroyed areas of Ukraine. On the other hand, it wants to promote the sustainable reconstruction of the destroyed facilities of social and critical infrastructure in the long term, relying exclusively on distributed renewable generation and storage.

In consultation with the Foundation, a decision will be made at the end of the campaign on how best to use the amount raised from the greentech fundraising campaign “Solar4Ukraine”. For example, it could be used to purchase a larger number of portable solar panels with USB connections to charge electronic devices and ensure communication. Portable solar systems with storage are also envisaged to ensure power or heat supply to hospitals and important equipment. In addition, larger mobile solar stations with storage in the kilowatt range, for example, mounted on a car trailer, are needed.

“We take care of the organisation and distribution of the required equipment, from the identification of needs to procurement and transport to the affected areas,” explains Yuliana Onishchuk. She is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organisation and has a broad network of contacts with aid workers, state and local authorities in the crisis areas. “We are happy and grateful for greentech’s commitment and support. With the funds provided, we can procure needed materials, bring them specifically to their destination and thus together ensure a contribution to the urgently needed energy supply.”


Helping together! Donations are welcome!

greentech is calling on all interested parties to participate in the fundraising campaign. “Every amount helps,” sums up greentech Managing Partner Jörn Carstensen. “The higher the amount raised, the greater the amount of electricity and heat we can support the Ukrainians with.” greentech itself will provide a five-digit Euro amount to support Ukraine this year. A donation can be made by EU bank transfer or via the donation platform Donorbox. Further information on how to donate, the achieved result of the fundraising campaign and the use of the amount raised are available at the greentech fundraising page


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