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Workshop series by greentech and the machinery ring association for sustainable agriculture

Oct 9, 2023

Hamburg, 21.09.23 – In times of advancing climate change and the increased need to switch to renewable energy, farmers play a crucial role in shaping a sustainable future. greentech and MR Agrarnetz GmbH have teamed up to offer a workshop series for farmers in Schleswig-Holstein that provides comprehensive information on the topic of free-field PV as a lease model or PV as own power.

The workshop series offers farmers the opportunity to learn about the potential of renewable energy use on their land and on their farms, and equips them with the information they need to make informed decisions regarding the integration of photovoltaic systems on their farms. The focus is primarily on evaluating the potential of PV systems, with two options addressed: PV as captive power, particularly on rooftops, or leasing land for large-scale ground-mounted PV systems, possibly in combination with captive power generation. Between October 11, 2023 and February 15, 2024, a total of 5 dates will address PV market environment, plant technology, economic viability, legal principles and approval procedures, as well as the drafting of leases to protect owners’ interests.

The workshop series is conducted by knowledgeable industry experts and is open to all interested farmers. Registration is by booking the complete package of all 5 dates for 299€ per person. For participants at the age between 20 and 30 years 50% of the costs are taken over.

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Overview of the workshops:

Workshop 1, October 11, 2023: General market environment

Participants will receive a comprehensive overview of the market environment, developments in electricity prices and their influencing factors, and an outlook on the market. In addition, various business models available to farmers will be presented.

Workshop 2, November 8, 2023: Plant Technology

This workshop will focus on the technical aspects of PV systems, including the various components, manufacturers, and how to set up a system.

Workshop 3, December 13, 2023: Economics

The economics of PV systems is the focus of this workshop. In cooperation with an external tax consultant, investment and operating costs as well as profitability aspects will be addressed.

Workshop 4, January 10, 2024: Approvability and legal basics

This workshop clarifies permitting procedures, regional planning and legal principles and gives farmers a clear understanding of the legal framework.

Workshop 5, February 15, 2024: Lease agreement and protection of interests

Finally, important aspects of leases will be discussed, especially with regard to the interests of owners who want to lease their land for PV systems.



Press contact

Sarah Endres
Warburgstraße 50
20354 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 40 743251 300


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