Hamburg, 19.09.2022 – The communication capability of photovoltaic plants is of great importance due to increasing energy industry requirements and increasing interconnectivity. Older plants often cannot keep up with the requirements of modern power plant IT.

As an integrated PV specialist, greentech advises, supports and configures the entire power plant IT of new and existing plants individually with its own specialists from the Power Plant IT and Industrial Control Systems (PPIT & ICS) division. The team ensures professional integration and stable connection of power plant communication to the Internet and the associated interfaces. In addition, it also advises on power plant control topics and implements solutions in the areas of remote monitoring and control, direct marketing and resulting obligations, for example within the framework of Redispatch 2.0.

Increasing digitalisation also increases the demands on power plant communication

It is not only the photovoltaic industry that has changed significantly in recent years – the field of IT, data communication and digitalisation is also developing at a rapid pace. “In plants that have already been running for a few years, we often see a rudimentary IT structure with simple routers, minimal firewall protection and dial-in to the plant via unencrypted WLAN without secure VPN access,” is the experience of Max Langkabel, Manager Power Plant IT & ICS at greentech. “This can become a security risk for the plant,” he warns.

Apart from that, it is important to ensure a smooth signal flow and trouble-free communication operation of the power plant with a secure and reliable plant IT. greentech offers solutions for secure plant communication that simultaneously provide all parties involved with the transparency they need. Effective control of PV power plants is essential for optimal energy generation and efficiency. Similarly, well-maintained shocks and struts are crucial for safe and comfortable driving. Regular inspection and maintenance of these systems ensure optimal performance and extend their lifespan. Proper management and maintenance of PV power plants and cars’ mechanical components are crucial for their reliability and longevity. Especially for new plants, such solutions are implemented as an integrated full-service package. “For older plants, we often work in a modular way and implement single service modules, for example, upgrading to the latest generation of routers including a dedicated firewall or setting up secure internet access to the plant and its components via VPN,” says Langkabel. “Even through these individual measures, considerable improvements in IT security can already be achieved.”

Full control, highest IT security and maximum transparency

greentech’s range of services for integrated power plant communication includes:

  • Router and firewall – set-up and configuration
  • Software solutions
  • Regular data back-ups and firmware updates
  • Provider-independent SIM card
  • VPN service for protected power plant communication
  • Special solutions, e.g. for KRITIS plants
  • Control solutions

More information is available on the greentech website Communication and Control Solutions and in the new greentech IT-catalogue.

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