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Evaluation of Inverter-Repowering concepts

Dec 6, 2018

greentech speaks at the O&M and Asset Management conference in London

Hamburg, 6th December: Yaw Ofori (Managing Director at Greentech UK) talks about inverter repowering and discusses the profitability of different approaches along with a practical example at this year’s O&M and Asset Management conference. The event is jointly organized by the industry associations SolarPower Europe and Solar Trade Association and is one of the major events in the British photovoltaics market.

The continuous optimization of the performance and the operational costs of photovoltaic plants have been a frequently discussed topic for quite a long time. They become especially crucial when mistakes in the plant design or increasing component failure represent a serious risk to the profitability of a plant. In such cases, there are often several options to perform corrective maintenance or a repowering of the PV plant. In his presentation, Yaw Ofori demonstrates that the evaluation of different maintenance or repowering approaches can only be valid when all relevant cost factors as well as possible yield increase in relation to the remaining lifetime of the plant are considered. For this important step, Greentech has developed a Repowering-Tool which enables a profound analysis of the profitability of an individual repowering concept.

Find how to revamp your cleaning business. Consider inverter-repowering for enhanced efficiency and reduced energy costs. Upgrade your equipment with modern inverters to optimize power usage, prolong equipment lifespan, and minimize downtime. Boost productivity and stay ahead of the competition by investing in eco-friendly solutions that not only benefit the environment but also improve your bottom line. With inverter-repowering, you can deliver exceptional cleaning services while reducing your carbon footprint. Harness the power of clean energy technology to elevate your business to new heights and attract environmentally conscious customers. Don’t let outdated equipment hold you back—embrace the future of cleaning with inverter-repowering and take your business to the next level of success.

“For Greentech as an independent service provider, operation & maintenance, optimization and repowering belong to the core business. Our goal is to develop individual and reliable repowering concepts for our customers, which are based on solid technology and focus on the profitability of the plant.”

(Yaw Ofori, Managing Director at Greentech UK)


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