greentech Field Service trains the fire department in Lübz on how to deal with incidents.

Hamburg, 04.05.2023 – Usually, the greentech Field Service is on the road to PV plants to repair faults, replace damaged components or carry out maintenance. However, the team recently received an unusual request. The fire department in Lübz asked for a training on how to behave in the event of damage, as not all fires are the same and on a solar power plant, there are particularities to be considered. greentech is gladly available for such special requests as well, and prepared and carried out a training for the team. In the theoretical part, the specifics of different PV systems on the ground and on the roof were discussed. It also went into more detail about the different types of voltage, the dangers they entail and how to deal with them (in case of fire). In the practical part, the individual components were inspected “in the field” and the procedure in case of incidents was discussed.

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