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Intersolar Europe 2018: greentech talks about the potential of inverter repowering

May 30, 2018

Hamburg, 30th May: From 20th – 22nd of June 2018 the Intersolar Europe opens its gates in Munich again. In combination with the Intersolar Conference, which takes place 19th – 20th of June, this format belongs to the most important events of the international photovoltaics industry.

The Intersolar Conference is an outstanding platform where international PV-experts share their experience and discuss future trends within the solar industry. This year greentech will participate with a presentation about the potential of inverter repowering and share the collected insights of the last years with the audience. The presentation will illustrate the learnings along practical examples in connection to their regulatory context.

The relevance of inverter repowering evolves in many cases from the fact that manufacturers of these components have left the PV-market and thus cannot offer sufficient services to their customers anymore. In other cases, the warranty has expired and further services are too expensive or not satisfactory. Additionally, there is a significant commercial potential due to technical developments and decreasing costs for string and central inverters. For the implementation of this repowering measure several aspects need to be considered: The planning of the DC side as well as the integration of the new inverter on the AC side are crucial. However, in many situations further aspects such as data communication or regulatory conditions essentially influence the success of the project.

During the presentation greentech will illustrate the relevant project stages along selected practical examples and explain the respective profitability calculations:

  • Partial repowering of string inverters because of insolvable downtimes
  • Partial repowering of central inverters because of insufficient service quality and high maintenance costs of the manufacturer
  • Inverter optimization through exchange of the control board

Conclusively, the main technical aspects, success factors and the relevant regulatory conditions will be summarized. greentech’s approach makes it simple for service providers and plant operators to identify relevant repowering projects and evaluate the economic potential of an inverter repowering.

Here you can find a detailed overview with the exact time of each presentation.

Press contact
Steffen Heberlein
Hopfenstraße 23
20359 Hamburg
+49 (40) 8060 6694 0


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