Hamburg, 30th May: From 20th – 22nd of June 2018 the Inter­so­lar Europe opens its gates in Munich again. In com­bi­na­ti­on with the Inter­so­lar Con­fe­rence, which takes place 19th – 20th of June, this format belongs to the most important events of the inter­na­tio­nal pho­to­vol­taics industry.

The Inter­so­lar Con­fe­rence is an out­stan­ding platform where inter­na­tio­nal PV-experts share their expe­ri­ence and discuss future trends within the solar industry. This year green­tech will par­ti­ci­pa­te with a pre­sen­ta­ti­on about the poten­ti­al of inverter repowering and share the collec­ted insights of the last years with the audience. The pre­sen­ta­ti­on will illus­tra­te the lear­nings along prac­ti­cal examples in con­nec­tion to their regu­lato­ry context.

The rele­van­ce of inverter repowering evolves in many cases from the fact that manu­fac­tu­rers of these com­pon­ents have left the PV-market and thus cannot offer suf­fi­ci­ent services to their custo­mers anymore. In other cases, the warranty has expired and further services are too expen­si­ve or not satis­fac­to­ry. Addi­tio­nal­ly, there is a signi­fi­cant com­mer­ci­al poten­ti­al due to tech­ni­cal deve­lop­ments and decrea­sing costs for string and central inver­ters. For the imple­men­ta­ti­on of this repowering measure several aspects need to be con­si­de­red: The planning of the DC side as well as the inte­gra­ti­on of the new inverter on the AC side are crucial. However, in many situa­ti­ons further aspects such as data com­mu­ni­ca­ti­on or regu­lato­ry con­di­ti­ons essen­ti­al­ly influ­ence the success of the project.

During the pre­sen­ta­ti­on green­tech will illus­tra­te the relevant project stages along selected prac­ti­cal examples and explain the respec­tive pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty cal­cu­la­ti­ons:

  • Partial repowering of string inver­ters because of insolva­ble down­ti­mes
  • Partial repowering of central inver­ters because of insuf­fi­ci­ent service quality and high main­ten­an­ce costs of the manu­fac­tu­rer
  • Inverter opti­mi­za­ti­on through exchange of the control board

Con­clu­si­ve­ly, the main tech­ni­cal aspects, success factors and the relevant regu­lato­ry con­di­ti­ons will be sum­ma­ri­zed. greentech’s approach makes it simple for service pro­vi­ders and plant ope­ra­tors to identify relevant repowering projects and evaluate the economic poten­ti­al of an inverter repowering.

Here you can find a detailed overview with the exact time of each pre­sen­ta­ti­on.

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