greentech systems

From development to operation & maintenance –

Turnkey construction of PV plants in the MW range

From development to operation & maintenance –
Turnkey construction of PV plants in the MW range

About greentech systems

greentech systems is your expert for the professional construction of turnkey PV plants in the MW range. We consider ourselves as your reliable partner and advisor in the EPC process and by request we can take over all the necessary steps from plant design to commisioning up to the transition to operation and maintenance. We are based in Munich and Hamburg and active throughout Europe – currently focusing on ground-mounted plants in Germany.

Our small but highly specialised team consists of experts with decades of experience in the PV power plant business and has every stage of the EPC process firmly under control.

We offer turnkey solutions in the MW range:

PV ground-mounted systems

PV rooftop systems

PV systems with battery storage integration

Integrated approach enables implementation of best practice solutions

We focus on high-quality power plants because this is important to our clients and us. That’s why we work in an interdisciplinary way. Within our group of companies, we use the cooperation among our teams to continously exchange experiences and improve our approach. We incorporate the gained knowledge into our designs, projects and consulting activities. This integrated approach delivers practical, efficient and successful best-practice solutions that are characterised by high plant availability and the best possible plant performance.

What we promise

Best quality plants

We use our many years of experience and know-how in the construction of PV plants to create high-quality and reliable solar power plants with high availability and yield.

A holistic, interdisciplinary approach

From project development to operational management, we use the interdisciplinary knowledge of the greentech group to build operator-friendly, low-maintenance solar power plants that are successful in the long-term.

A long-term and trustable business partnership

We rely on sustainable, personal partnerships. Manufacturer-independent, we are only committed to our customers – and to the high standards we set ourselves.

Deep market knowledge and a strong background

We routinely and flexibly manage all processes, works and partners at eye level and are financially backed by the greentech group and its shareholders.

Our services

As an experienced and reliable full-service partner, we implement your solar plant on a turnkey basis: considering all legal, commercial and technical requirements from the permitting process and the given area characteristics, we create a completely individual and yield-optimised system design. Based on this, we carry out the detail and execution design for your project – including all required components and materials, the cable route, access roads and lastly the grid connection details.

Following the engineering, we manage the tendering and purchasing activities of all necessary components, building materials and construction services. In this process, we pay special attention to the offered quality as an important factor for the long-term availability and future performance of the plant and apply our own quality assurance measures.

During the construction phase, we control and coordinate all works, deliveries and interfaces. With regular on-site inspections, we ensure the quality of the project and the work safety during construction. After testing and commissioning we operate the plant for several weeks to verify its performance. Once the plant performs as planned, we transfer the comprehensive documentation including the required plant certificate and handover a defect-free power plant to you as our customer – and to the technical and commercial management team in charge.

Your advantage contracting us as EPC:

Delivery of a turnkey PV plant by experienced experts

One-stop-shop: single point of contact for all service required

No management of complicated interfaces and one line of responsibility

Would you like to procure the main components of your future system, such as the PV modules, by yourself? Within the scope of our EPC-light service, we take your choice into account and coordinate our further planning accordingly. In this way, you receive a yield-optimised system design with consideration of your selected components and subsequently the execution design for construction. During the implementation and in coordination with us as EPC service provider, you have the components delivered to the construction site on schedule to be installed and commissioned according to the preagreed timeline.

Your advantages contracting us as EPC-light partner:

Construction of a turnkey PV plant by experienced experts

You control and procure the main components

Stronger control over project costs through partial in-house procurement

We know very well what is important in the various phases of delivering a PV plant. Within the scope of EPC management (EPC-M), we are happy to advise you along the preparation and construction with the background of many years of experience and expertise in project development, EPC and O&M. On request, we check and analyse the engineering and execution planning and the determination of all materials required for construction. We provide support to professionally put out components and construction services for tender as well as negotiate contracts with suppliers on your behalf. In the construction phase, we monitor, among other things, the quality and execution of construction and installation and ensure the implementation of the plant in accordance with the specified planning documents and the desired quality.

Your advantages contracting us as EPC-M partner:

Expert advice in the process of PV plant delivery

Active involvement in the entire process and all details

Full control over contractual obligations, suppliers and deadlines

The process of EPC including preceding and
subsequent project phases

During the project development phase, we are happy to support you with individual topics such as site analysis, capacity and yield assesment, as well as all details regarding grid connection and planning permission. The project development usually ends with the handover of the development documents by the project developer to us, the EPC service provider, as part of the"technical due diligence package".

  • Site analysis
  • Capacity and yield indications
  • Support with
    • Grid connection
    • Financing
    • Permits
    • Soil examination
  • Technical review and analysis
  • 3D planning and design
  • Layout variants and optimisations
  • Grid connection clarifications
  • Tender management and purchasing of all components and works
  • Quality assurance
  • Logistics to and within the site
  • Setting out and surveying
  • Project management and coordination of all works
  • Construction supervision
  • Quality control, health, safety and environment
  • Grid connection
  • Medium voltage line
  • Sensors
  • Commissioning
  • Testing phase
  • Documentation
  • Plant certification

Our EPC scope of work typically ends with documentation, acceptance and transfer to the operational phase. Of course, we are still available to answer on any queries. And if something does not work as planned, we support you as a reliable partner and comply with our contractual obligations. Ideally, the greentech group takes over the technical and commercial management directly to leverage on the synergies we have to offer.

  • Transfer to the operation and maintenance team
  • Guarantee and warranty management
  • Point of contact for plant operator or asset manager
  • Potentialflächenanalyse
  • Standortanalyse und -bewertung
  • Pachtverträge für Fläche der PVA
  • NA-Anfrage
  • Planung Kabeltrasse
  • Pachtverträge für Kabeltrasse bis NVP
  • Projektvorstellung bei der Gemeinde
  • Planungsanstoß durch Behörden & Bedarfsträger
  • Erarbeitung städtebauliches Konzept
  • Städtebaulicher Vertrag
  • Aufstellungsbeschluss
  • Grobabstimmung des Konzepts
  • Öffentlichkeits- und Behördenbeteiligung
  • Erarbeitung B-Plan-Entwurf inkl. Umweltbericht
  • Beteiligung TöB
  • Auslegungsbeschluss
  • Satzungsbeschluss
  • Inkrafttreten B-Plan und Bauantrag
  • Bauanzeige nach Erhalt der Baugenehmigung
  • Bauvorbereitende Maßnahmen (Wege, ggfs. Einebnung, Zaun, Baustelleneinrichtung)
  • Bau der Anlage
  • Netzanschluss
  • O&M
  • Asset Management
  • Repowering & technische Anpassungen
  • Vermarktung

Contact persons

Lars Petzold

Managing Director

Lars has over 18 years of experience in the design and construction of solar power plants. In his work for several well-known EPCs, he was responsible for the procurement and implementation of over 500 MWp within Europe.
Florian Berger

Managing Director

Florian has over 12 years of experience in the construction of turnkey solar power plants with a focus on grid connection and certification, product and project management, and plant maintenance.
Aleksis Schäfer

Managing Director

Aleksis has been active in the photovoltaic industry since 2005 and joined greentech in 2010. He is responsible for the finance department at greentech systems.

Fabian Wany

Director EPC Sales

Fabian has over 14 years of experience in the solar industry and was responsible for sales and product management for well-known EPC and project developers in Germany, Europe and Asia.

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