Operation and Maintenance

As an independent PV O&M provider we offer a full service one stop shop to provide optimal technical supervision of your PV power plant.


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Operation and Maintenance for
Photovoltaic Plants

greentech takes care of your PV power plant and looks after all tasks related to the technical O&M
Hand over the technical operation of your PV asset to an independent expert and receive an optimum in yield and service. With our technical O&M product we offer you full service in the field of monitoring, reporting, preventive maintenance and inspections, corrective maintenance and optimisation of all types of PV power plants.
As an independent PV specialist, we act in the sole interest of the operator and investor. Our team of experts ensures the optimal operation of your PV asset on a daily basis. In emergency situations, we react immediately and organise a quick and efficient repair on site, always with an economical approach to the ideal solution.


greentech offers a modular service catalogue of the technical operation of your power plant


  • Remote monitoring of energy production
  • Supervision with state-of-the-art monitoring software
  • Customer access to the monitoring portal
  • Fault analysis and interpretation
  • Notification about relevant failures to the operator/project manager
  • Plant performance analysis


  • Frequent reporting on plant performance
  • Extended reporting including plant optimisation recommendations
  • Power plant checklist in the greentech asset management software
  • Online customer access for the greentech asset management software


  • 24/7 Service hotline
  • Remote maintenance via monitoring system
  • Triggering, management and monitoring of corrective maintenance measures
  • Analysis of faults
  • Transparent and complete documentation in the asset management portal


  • Inspection of PV components: Panels, inverters, distribution boxes, transformers
  • General inspection of the PV power plant and the terrain/roof
  • Preventive maintenance of the inverters, combiner boxes, transformers according to manufacturer specifications
  • Digital onsite data collection and documentation with “TabTool PV”
  • Comprehensive reporting and presentation of results


  • Compulsory inspections at regular intervals
  • Scope of service according to applicable rules and regulations
  • Visual inspection of the overall power plant condition
  • Measurement of rotating field and fault current circuit breaker
  • Measurement of earth resistance
  • Measurement of DC and AC cables
  • Tests of transformers, switchgear and protective devices
  • Reporting and presentation of results


  • Manual grass cutting or management of sheep grazing for the avoidance of module shading
  • Compliance of all statutory requirements
  • Maintenance of trees, hedges and fences
  • Identification and maintenance of corrective measures
  • Monitoring and documentation


greentech offers modular service packages according to your needs and power plant specific requirements

Monitoring and fault analysis

Real time reporting and logging of issues

Recommendations for plant optimisation

Monitoring and fault analysis

Real time reporting and logging of issues

Recommendations for plant optimisation

Operations management

Inspection and maintenance

Testing and measurements

Monitoring and fault analysis

Real time reporting and logging of issues

Recommendations for plant optimisation

Operations management

Inspection and maintenance

Testing and measurements

Landscape management

Module cleaning

Corrective maintenance


Our experts are on duty on a daily basis to ensure a maximum return of your power plant

Continuous monitoring and analysis of the power plant performance

Identification of outages and efficient corrective maintenance

Maintenance and optimisation of systems and components

Assurance of Health & Safety and mitigation of operational risks


With an innovative IT Landscape and efficient workflows greentech ensures an optimal service


Display, analysis and storage of all technical parameters


greentech is an independent provider and therefore able to offer the right monitoring solutions on various platforms for your needs. In this context, the following criteria and price performance ratio is of importance –  highly automated, user friendly and easy to use interfaces to adopt the monitoring system to existing hard and software.

Clearly defined monitoring guidelines ensure minimum yield losses and avoid unnecessary site visits. If required, customers receive a monitoring account.


We provide a ticketing system, documentation of all actions and events in the operation phase


greentech has developed its own ticket management system that digitally documents all processes and events for the technical operation of a photovoltaic system. In addition, it serves us as a central contact and document management system.

With our greentech ticket system, we set standards in terms of efficiency and quality and offer our customers maximum transparency regarding the status of the PV plant and the work being carried out on the plant.


Documentation, process control of all procedures and activities on site


Using innovative IT tools such as TabTool PV greentech optimises the interfaces between the office and power plant on a daily basis. The industry specific software solution supports planning, execution and documentation during corrective and preventive maintenance work as well as inspections of your PV power plant on digital and mobile.

TabTool PV allows you to document all results transparently, track open issues and work efficiently missions – ensuring both short lead times and low costs.


Rely on the advantages offered by an independent PV expert


Based on the long-term experience of our engineers and technicians your power plant is in good hands. Both, rooftop and ground mounted systems are covered by our service. greentech offers you solutions tailored to your personal needs and the requirements of your PV system –  comprising both, competitively priced monitoring solutions and full service solutions. Transparency, reliability and quick reaction times complete our value proposition.


Thanks to our experienced asset management team and long term relationships with tax advisors, auditors, law firms and insurance brokers, greentech is able to offer you tailored asset management solutions. Our focus is to safeguard and optimise your assets to the highest level. Our goal for your investment is maximising your return.