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The Fastest-growing PV Market in Europe

Recently-installed PV capacity system in Spain

Neu installierte Photovoltaik-Leistung in Spanien

The exponential growth of the Spanish PV market has been making an impression for some years now. The increasing number of recently-installed photovoltaic systems confirm the success story of sustainable energy production. Apart from the high solar radiation, the main reason for this development is the supporting energy policy throughout the country. But, above all, operators of large solar power plants in Spain have proven to sell power competitively on the electricity market.

From around 7,800 megawatts of additional capacity in 2019, industry experts forecast an increase of 24,000 megawatts in 2020. In comparison, the growth in PV capacity in 2018 was still just 4,700 megawatts. This shows the size and potential of the Spanish photovoltaic market.

If high-quality project development, engineering, construction and operation are guaranteed, your investment in a photovoltaic system will pay off. In order to ensure the success of your long-term investment, you can rely on us. We are professional, full-service PV partners who will support you in every phase of development and operation of your own PV power plant.

Full-Service PV Operations

Cooperating with a professional service provider allows you to focus on your core areas of business. As a specialized partner, we take over all of the tasks associated with the professional operation of solar power plants. We will take care of both the technical and commercial management, making the operation of your solar plant a 100% integrated process.

Another advantage that our complete PV package offers is proactive performance analysis. We will ensure that the returns on your investment remain on a high stable level. In order for us to do so, the operating data is continuously monitored in our control room, and it is also analysed by our PV specialists. As a result, even minor disruptive factors can be detected at an early stage and remedied quickly by our employees on site. Moreover, all preventive maintenance activities and the regular cleaning of the solar modules, the corrective maintenance and any optimisation needs that emerge for the photovoltaic power plant, are also taken care of.

Due to clear roles and responsibilities within the organisation, a rigorous IT system and dedicated key account support, we ensure that your requirements are implemented quickly and reliably.

Technische PV-Betriebsführung – Steuerung und Überwachung

Higher Output

  • Increased availability
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Transparency regarding repairs

Low Risk

  • Compliant with current regulations
  • Ensure compliance with manufacturer’s warranty
  • Reduction of insurance claims

Our partnership for your advantage

greentech energy meets Tartessos Power Development (TPD)

This partnership between our companies, greentech and Tartessos, is the next logical step regarding the market situation within the Spanish PV industry.

greentech and Tartessos are both experts, with many years of experience in the field of sustainable development, implementation and operation of photovoltaic systems. The two companies complement one another perfectly, and their profound knowledge of photovoltaics makes them a fully-fledged O&M provider on the Spanish market.

greentech is internationally active for investors and plant owners; for many years, the company has focused on the technical and commercial management of PV systems. Similarly, thanks to many years of experience in the market, Tartessos knows the existing Spanish PV industry inside and out. Furthermore, the headquarters of Tartessos Power Development are located in Seville, in sunny southern Spain, where they are in close proximity to the plant locations. Together, greentech and Tartessos have all the necessary contacts and expertise to ensure the success of your project.

Our tried-and-tested IT infrastructure not only offers constant monitoring of your investment – it also enables you to gain insight at all times, through your own personal access. This transparency is one of the cornerstones of our business activities.

In addition to regular scheduled maintenance and quick reaction times in case of failures, greentech and Tartessos have extensive engineering resources, which enables them to plan and implement even the most complex issues, major repairs or plant optimisations.

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  • International Experience

    With over 200 projects in 12 countries, we have a valuable track record, to ensure your success.

  • Extensive expertise

    Over 60 experienced employees with a wealth of knowledge are standing by to assist you.

  • Proven IT infrastructure

    Our tried-and-tested IT infrastructure is subjected to continuous development to ensure optimum control of your plant.

  • Transparency

    We provide comprehensive documentation and personal insight into all the output data from your PV project.

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  • Local experience

    A local network and a local contact person with a comprehensive project history throughout the country.

  • Long-established player

    More than 17 years of experience and a profound understanding of the Spanish PV market.

  • Laws and regulations

    Broad-based local knowledge and understanding of permits, application procedures and operational implementation.

  • In the heart of the sunny south

    The headquarters are in Seville, one of the sunniest regions in the south of Spain.

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Modular Services for the Spanish Market

Asset Management

Commercial Management

Commercial Management

Controlling and Reporting

Plant Management

Day-to-day Administration

Accounting and Finance

Contract Management

Insurance Management

Guarantee and Warranty Management

Management of PPA & Power Trading

Technical O&M

Technical Management

Monitoring and Yield Forecast


Incident Management

Inspection and Maintenance

Electrical Testing

Health & Safety

Repairs and Optimisations

Module Cleaning

Landscape Maintenance

Service Solutions

Special Solutions

Component solutions

Repowering and Optimisation

Engineering and Technical Advisory

Business consulting

Management consulting



Geschäftsführer Jörn Carstensen, greentech

Jörn Carstensen

Managing Director

Jörn Carstensen has a degree in industrial engineering, in the field of energy and environmental management. He has been working in the PV industry since 2006. Among other achievements, Jörn has already assumed responsibility in various management and consulting positions, such as for the Conergy Group. Since 2014, Jörn has been responsible for key accounts at greentech, and he is developing new markets and business models for the company.

For Jörn, the entry into the Spanish PV market represents a further organic expansion for greentech, with proven processes and a high level of managerial attention.

Managing Partner Juan Manuel Chacon, Tartessos

Juan Manuel Chaćon

Managing Partner

Juan Manuel Chaćon is an electrical engineer with a master’s degree in renewable energy. He has worked in the field of renewable energy worldwide for more than 17 years, having been employed by various multinational companies, including Abengoa, Conergy and Ferrostaal. In the course of his career, he has been involved in various renewable energy projects.

As a local expert in photovoltaics, Juan is involved in the implementation and management of PV power plants in Spain.


Karte mit Sonneneinstrahlung Spanien, Phototovoltaik Markt


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