green­tech supports ope­ra­ti­on & main­ten­an­ce of PV-plant for a refugee camp in northern Iraq

Bild der 300 kWp Photovoltaikanlage in Mam Rashan

Hamburg, 19th November 2018: Through the initia­ti­ve of the non-profit orga­ni­za­ti­on atmos­fair gGmbH, a 300 kWp PV-plant in com­bi­na­ti­on with an energy storage solution for the refugee camp Mam Rashan (northern Iraq) was suc­cess­ful­ly com­mis­sio­ned on 8th of November. Since then a reliable and ongoing energy supply can be provided. Before the ope­ra­ti­on of the PV-plant the camp with ca. 8.500 inha­bi­tants the energy supply was not stable and was only avail­ab­le during evening hours. The major finan­cing for this project comes from the foun­da­ti­on for deve­lop­ment coope­ra­ti­on “Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg (SEZ)” which is attached to the federal state of Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Fur­ther­mo­re, the project is sup­por­ted through services and know-how transfer on a donation basis by several com­pa­nies from the PV-industry.

For greentech’s O&M spe­cia­lists the com­mis­sio­ning of the plant set the actual starting point for the con­sul­tan­cy and support. Before the site was under ope­ra­ti­on green­tech offered com­pre­hen­si­ve trai­nings in moni­to­ring and main­ten­an­ce to prepare the local staff for their tasks. During the ope­ra­ti­on phase green­tech will act as the backup for the moni­to­ring and data analysis activi­ties for another 12 months and will consult on iden­ti­fy­ing and solving tech­ni­cal problems on site.

The PV-project in Mam Rashan is a great oppor­tu­ni­ty to support the people with our Know-How and help in creating a reliable energy supply for a better quality of life. The coope­ra­ti­on with the other con­tri­bu­tors works very well and enables an inte­res­ting exchange.“

Kenneth Heidecke, PV-Specialist and Tech­ni­cal Advisor at green­tech
Feierliche Inbetriebnahme der PV-Anlage Mam Rashan
Plakat mit Unterstützern vor Ort

You can find further infor­ma­ti­on on the website of the project.


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