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ADLER Solar and greentech test PV-System with help from „TabTool PV”

Nov 18, 2014

Mobile Software-Solution provides high level of quality for Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of PV-Systems.

At the start of November the PV-operater greentech carried out an inspection for a 4,2 MWp Solarpark together with their partner company ADLER Solar. For the first time the PV-Experts and Service technicians are using the innovative software solution “TabTool PV”. The software is an innovative mobile solution developed by greentech and the software-vendor TabTool that is especially designed for the Maintenance, Inspection and Repair Management of PV-Parks. With TabTool PV specialists, for example Service technicians, have all the relevant data together at hand so that they can carry out their work on-site in an optimal way. The analyses, measurements and tests being carried out can be documented directly by the application, equally, appropriate recommendations and if necessary repairs, can also be carried out directly. The integrated camera of the tablet offers the possibility capture any faults and tests being carried out, and allows comments regarding faults to be noted on the images. Additionally the tool can be integrated into support climate change that is available.

Positive Feedback after field test of „TabTool“ for PV Inspection

At present the software application is in the final test phase. With the help of the PV-Expert from greentech and ADLER Solar the tool is being field-tested to establish in-use reliability and if there is potential for optimization. The PV-Park that has been tested is a 4,2 MWp solarpark being operated by greentech. In preparation for the inspection the PV-Expert had an introduction from greentech regarding the display, function, and use of the new tool. On that basis its use during the inspection was “no problem at all”. Occasionally entries were still somewhat delayed. Overall the application is “user friendly and self-explanatory”. The tool could be used by more than one person at the same time, and the synchronization of all those involved allowed for a complete compilation of information.

As advantage Mr. Mogck from ADLER Solar emphasised the simple and quick access to all the required documents and plans, as well as the possibility of direct and precise labeling of requirements and the condition of objects on the plans. “With the help of the tools I can document all procedures and results as I’m used to, and in a very simple and practical way. Alone the final report is created by TabTool PV in direct attachment and in the expected quality”, stressed the PV-Expert. That the checklists for test already entered additionally simplified the process. “The application came across as very practical during the inspection, even when there is the requirement for optimization. Fundamentally the tool offers many advantages for our work and defiantly has potential” so concluded our PV-Expert Cornelius Mogck.

Advantages of “TabTool” for PV O&M confirmed

The experience and suggestions of the experts will be considered in the continuing development process of the tools from greentech and TabTool. „We are very happy that we could try out the TabTool in a field test together with ADLER Solar. The expected advantages regarding Preparation, Implementation and Documentation of the system inspection have been fully confirmed. Through the integrated tracking of time lines and status of the recorded faults, we assure noticeable time savings and a high degree of transparency in addition to the inspection” noted Ingo Rehmann, Managing Director of greentech. “Through long-term use of the TabTool we receive a complete and high value system-history down to component level. This allows fast and efficient detection from systematic and individual failures and improves the system performance for the customer”. We will inform you on our homepage as soon as the final version of TabTool PV is available on the market.

For any questions or if you have interest in further information please do not hesitate to contact us.
About greentech

greentech is a service provider from Hamburg specialising in the management of photovoltaicsystems. With an interdisciplinary team of professionals, the company offers a full-service business management concept for systems of all sizes and quality assurance and income maximization services for photovoltaic projects. More information at
About ADLER Solar

ADLER Solar, located in Bremen, is one of the leading service provider in the solar industry. Jointly with its group company BEC Solar from the Munich area ADLER Solar supports manufacturer, insurances, operators, auditors, installers and project developers as well as wholesalers with specialised know how along the life cycle of PV modules and systems. In Germany and Europe the company employs more than 100 people. More information at


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