O&M driven Technical Advisory – how insights from the operation of PV-plants can be utilized for project planning and the construction phase.  

Hamburg, 15th October: The Solar Power and Technology Summit in Porto is the most important event of Portugal’s photovoltaic industry for discussion and exchange with international PV-experts, project developers and investors. In 2018, more than 1.000 MW have been approved without an additional feed-in compensation, which makes the Portuguese market very interesting for players in the PV-industry.

Picture of speaker on SolarTech Summit 2018

As an ISP (Independent Service Provider) in the photovoltaics industry, greentech offers a variety of additional services for all project phases of PV-plants. One focal area of services is the Technical Advisory for which greentech’s PV-experts utilize their extensive experience from the operation & maintenance of photovoltaic plants to support customers in the early project phases. During the planning and construction phase of a PV plant exist numerous aspects, which have impact on the operation and operational costs. Their examination offers interesting improvement potential. In his presentation greentech`s CEO Ingo Rehmann will discuss this topic along with case studies and illustrate the impact of operational know-how on the performance and yield of PV power plants.

„In our work as PV O&M experts we continuously collect valuable insights and utilize these to consult our customers on future projects. Thereby, we can make an impact on maintenance optimised plant design or best-practice communication systems. For a growing PV-market such as Portugal, these insights provide a great value for EPCs and investors.“ (Ingo Rehmann, Managing Director at greentech)


You can find further information on the website of SolarTech Summit 2018.