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PV Plant Optimisation: greentech develops Repowering-Tool to provide reliable commercial Data for Reinvestment Decisions

Oct 19, 2016

With a newly developed Repowering-Tool, the PV service provider from Hamburg is the first to grant transparency about the profitability of repowering measures in the photovoltaic industry. Using the calculation tool, greentech keeps track of profitability and technical plant optimization throughout the repowering process.

Hamburg, 18.10.2016. For several years greentech provides precise repowering solutions to optimize the operation of photovoltaic power plants. In the course of enhance the service portfolio, greentech developed a tool to systematically accompany and structure the process of plant optimization from a commercial perspective. The O&M company from Hamburg created a transparent system to provide parameters considering economic potential of repowering measures. Regardless of the portfolio size greentech is offering their clients data for reinvestment decisions.

Degrading modules, outdated inverters, and planning errors – it is well known that repowering measures during the operating phase might be a worthwhile investment. Doing so, owners of PV power plants get the chance to increase their profits by specific optimization measures. To provide a reliable and honest base for decision making, greentech engineers developed a specialized Repowering-Tool. The greentech Repowering-Tool helps providing a reliable profit analysis and assessment about the commercial characteristics of reinvestments – before the planning phase has even started. Besides the technical design and implementation, greentech is now able to provide reliable profitability perspectives to the investor.
The Repowering-Tool developed by greentech assists and accompanies the whole process from first analysis to detailed planning and control of success. greentech ensures a professional technical implementation with an experienced engineering team and established quality management processes.

greentech offers interested investors and operators an independent audit of their PV plants with the aim of assessing its performance profile. greentech is an experienced PV service provider, acting independently of manufacturers or EPC contractors.

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About greentech

greentech is a service provider located in Hamburg, which is specialized in the management of photovoltaic plants. With an interdisciplinary team of experienced professionals, greentech offers a full service concept for all sizes of PV-plants. This includes compliance with all safety standards, quality assurances and yield maximization for the plants. greentech operates independently of component manufacturers and EPC companies and therefor exclusively represents the interests of the plant owners. With a comprehensive service offering and a current portfolio of more than 500 MWp, greentech is among the biggest independent Asset Management and O&M service providers world-wide. The growing customer base of greentech includes private plant owners as well as municipalities, local or international utilities, insurance companies and investment funds.

Along with the technical and commercial management, greentech offers further service products related to the operation of PV-plants. One example is the commercial or technical special inspection. This service offers a thorough and unbiased review of safety- and performance-related aspects and accompanies the elimination of defects in the sole interest of the invester. Further, greentech provides its clients with consulting services such as direct marketing, repowering and security concepts.
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Presse contakt

Stefanie Erhorn, Marketing
greentech GmbH & Cie. KG
Hopfenstraße 23
20359 Hamburg

Telefon: +49 (40) 8060 6694 25


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